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Chapter 281: Business Event the Day After Tomorrow

Ye Shengge was slogging away filming for the series.

There were a number of scenes between her and Qin Youhui today.

They had worked together for a long time and developed a tacit understanding, so the shooting went very smoothly.

During the break, Qin Youhui smiled and said, “Ive been in the industry for so long, and besides those initial few years, Ive never met an actress whos as happy as you.

By the way, have you locked down your next project”

“Not yet.” Ye Shengge sighed.

“Im just a newcomer.

I dont receive many good scripts.”

Qin Youhui frowned and said, “Thats true… However, you wont have to worry about not getting any scripts once this series is released, its just a pity that theres a long break in between.”

“Its fine.

Thats how we all start.” Ye Shengge pretended to be calm.

“Theres a business event within the entertainment industry in two days time.

You can come with me if you want.” Qin Youhui thought for a bit.

“I can introduce you to some producers, directors, and the boss of a film production company.”

Ye Shengges eyes lit up.

“Really Will that be too much trouble”

“No.” Qin Youhui smiled.

“You shouldnt waste time since you are this talented.

I want to cooperate with you a couple more times.”

“Then I wont stand on ceremony.” Ye Shengge agreed without hesitation.

“Thank you so much!”

“Youre welcome.

I was taken care of by some seniors when I first started my career.” Qin Youhui smiled.

“This is also a tradition in our line.”

Ye Shengge was touched.

Qin Youhui had been in the entertainment industry for quite a number of years and had many connections.

It would definitely be a big favor for him to introduce his connections to her.

Even if Ye Shengge didnt need it herself, artists contracted to the studio would.

After all, she was the boss of a company, and she needed to consider the development of her artists.

She wouldnt miss such a chance.

However, she was attending a business event with another man, so Ye Shengge called Ji Shiting to report it.

Ji Shiting sounded relaxed, “Business event With who”

“A senior in our cast.” Ye Shengge mulled for a bit but didnt mention Qin Youhuis name.

“Hes a decent guy.

He saw how talented I am and so wanted to guide me.

Perhaps Ill get a new role soon!”

Ji Shiting pondered.

He could rest easy knowing that Ye Shengge was on location all day and night because he had done a check on all the artists on the set.

Those with problems or working attitude issues wouldnt have joined the cast at all.

Moreover, it was Xiao Chengs wedding the day after tomorrow, so he couldnt accompany her.

“Remember to bring two bodyguards along and dont drink.” The man finally agreed.

“No problem!” Ye Shengge was very excited.

“Dont worry.

Ive been to business events like this before.

Ill be fine!”

Ji Shitings expression softened upon hearing the womans excited voice.

She was always passionate about acting.

“Come back here during the weekend.” Ji Shiting smiled.

Chen Anzhis new show would have a recast this weekend, but few people had the chance to audition, so it was kept a secret.

If everything went smoothly, she would get the part.

This weekend was a rest day for the crew, so Ye Shengge said, “Okay, Ill be back.


Ye Shengge threw herself onto the bed after hanging up the phone.

She had to showcase her skills for the business dinner the day after tomorrow!

She clenched her fist!


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