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Chapter 280: You Really Do Care About That Woman

The man seated on the sofa with his legs crossed and slightly smiling was Xiao Ruilang.

Although his smile was as gentle as ever, to Mu Xiaoya, this man was as terrifying as Satan.

“I…” Mu Xiaoya looked like she was laughing and crying.” I didnt do it on purpose.

My brother asked me to pretend to be him! Ill return all the gifts you gave me… Please let me go…”

She was almost incoherent.

Xiao Ruilang chuckled, stood up from the sofa, walked to her and lifted her chin, “Why are you so scared”

Mu Xiaoya shivered, but she couldnt say anything.

“Shh, dont be scared,” Xiao Ruilang comforted her.

“I know youre not Summer Wood, but you sangLove, right”

Mu Xiaoya nodded and said, “Yes… Yes…”

“Thats good enough.” The man pinched her chin.

“You can keep the gift.”

“You… You arent upset” Mu Xiaoyas eyes widened.

“No.” Xiao Ruilang smiled.

“Then… Director Chens new movie…” Mu Xiaoya couldnt help asking.

“Its still yours.” He smiled charmingly.

“If everything goes smoothly, itll be announced soon.”

Mu Xiaoya thought she was dreaming, so she couldnt react for a long time.

She didnt wake up until Xiao Ruilang let her go and left the lounge.

She leaned against the wall, drenched in sweat.

The man didnt take revenge on her, but instead, he wanted her to be part of Chen Anzhis movie!

She still had a chance for a comeback!

It was only after Ye Shengge finished work that she found out that the video exposing Mu Xiaoya had been released again.

She went back to her room to have dinner with Lin Qi, who was overjoyed.

However, Ye Shengge was a bit distracted.

The video on the Internet was probably Ji Shitings doing, and she didnt know how Xiao Ruilang would fight back.

She was a bit worried, but she couldnt help her husband much.

Besides, even if Mu Xiaoyas identity as Summer Wood was exposed, it didnt mean Xiao Ruilang would give up on her.

She even thought that Xiao Ruilang might continue letting Mu Xiaoya be part of Chen Anzhis new movie.

Her hunch was correct.

The next day, the media interviewed Chen Anzhi, but Chen Anzhi said that he wouldnt give up his collaboration with Mu Xiaoya just because of that.

After the interview was released, Weibo discussions became more heated.

It seemed that Xiao Ruilang was determined to provoke her.

Ye Shengge had to cast aside all thoughts of Chen Anzhi.


On the other end, Xiao Ruilang received a call from Xiao Cheng in his office.

“Let Chen Anzhi decide on the lead actress” Xiao Ruilang chuckled.

“Dad, arent you preparing for your wedding Why are you asking about such a small matter”

Something was said and all emotion drained out of Xiao Ruilangs face.

“…Okay, I understand.” He chuckled.

“Ji Shiting contacted you directly, didnt he His face is more important than your sons.”

“Get lost!” Xiao Cheng yelled.

“Ji Shiting agreed to develop theBlue Ray project with our Xiao family.

This is just a small request so I have to give him face! Youve always been like this since you were young, and you only know how to play tricks! If you keep this up, get lost and dont return to the company!”

Xiao Cheng then hung up the phone.

Xiao Ruilang put away his phone.

“…You really do care about that woman.” He smiled.


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