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Chapter 273: Your Sugar Daddy Finally Knows How To Treat You Right

“Did you see what happened outside” Xu Xiangjie sighed.

“You asked me to fire Mu Xiaoya and promised me that it wouldnt affect the crew.

What about now”

“Um… I saw it.” Ye Shengge was a bit embarrassed.

“Something went wrong that day.

Mu Xiaoya was supposed to be hated by everyone.”

Xiao Ruilang chose to protect her, and most of the news that was against Mu Xiaoya had been deleted, so Mu Xiaoya was still using Summer Woods identity to swindle the public.

Of course, Mu Xiaoya would probably die if she surrendered to Xiao Ruilang, but she couldnt make that choice.

“What should we do now” Xu Xiangjie was very worried.

“Its already the third day, and these fans cant be driven away no matter what.

When the actress replacing Mu Xiaoya is in set, these fans will probably make a scene.”

“They wont be able to come in anyway.

Its alright, heh heh.” Ye Shengge smiled dryly.

There was nothing she could do for now.

Mu Xiaoya was nothing to be afraid of, but Xiao Ruilang was trouble.

He used Mu Xiaoya to compete with her in a bid to make her submit.

If she dealt with Mu Xiaoya, that pervert might not be able to fight back.

Xiao Ruilang was even a big problem for Ji Shiting already, let alone her.

Although Ye Shengge was angry, she had to avoid him because of their difference in strength.

Xu Xiangjie didnt expect her to not take responsibility but he still glared at her.

Ye Shengge smiled and headed for the makeup room.

Lin Qi had been on set for the past two days, and she was both excited and sympathetic upon seeing her return.

“Are you okay, Sister Shengge” Lin Qi sized her up and kept glancing at her collar.

“Im fine.” Ye Shengge was suspicious.

“What stuff are you imagining Dont worry, Im not hurt.”

“Thats good.” Lin Qi breathed a sigh of relief.

“Your sugar daddy finally knows how to treat you right.”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Thats right.”

Previously, Lin Qi had applied medicine for her and had firmly believed that Ye Shengges sugar daddy was an ** fan.

However, to be honest, Ji Shitings skills in bed were good most of the time, and he really cared about her she felt

She wouldnt have anything to worry about if he only cared for himself.

At most, she would just close her eyes and let him do whatever he wanted.

However, that man loved to interact with her, and he even insisted she look at him when he kissed her.

When he was passionate, he was sexy and gentle, and her heart couldnt take it at times.

Her face heated up as she recalled certain scenes.

“Cough, help me find the costumes for today.” She coughed awkwardly and tossed out some images in her mind.

“Okay.” Lin Qi didnt notice anything wrong and left happily.

After applying makeup and changing her clothes,Ye Shengge came out and was surprised to find Xu Xiangjie seated in the resting area, smiling as he spoke to someone.

The person he was talking to was My Xiaoya.

The two of them were talking amicably, which surprised Ye Shengge.

“Why is that woman still here after being fired” Lin Qi gritted her teeth.

“Whats Director Xu being so polite with her for”

Xu Xiangjie waved at Ye Shengge when he saw her.

Ye Shengge hesitated for a bit and walked over.

Mu Xiaoya immediately glanced over.

Ye Shengge was wearing a palace costume, and her makeup was exquisite and seductive.

She walked at a steady pace, and her eyes were gentle and sharp.

Each time Ye Shengge changed into a costume, she would be somewhat immersed in the role.


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