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It all happened so fast.

Ye Shengge had to hold the door to stop the journalists from swarming in, but she couldnt close the door anymore.

“Go away!” She yelled, but the journalists pretended not to hear it, trying to get in, and they kept taking photos of her.

“I heard you were in the same room with a strange man, is that true, Miss Ye”

“Boss Ye Did you start the rumor of Ms.

Mu You cheated on Boss Mu first, so you wanted to destroy their reputation.”

“Can I come in to have a look, Boss Ye Who did you cheat with I heard its a bodyguard.

Is that true”

Ye Shengge bit her lips.

She knew that Mu Xiaoya was behind all this, from her being drugged to the journalists interrogating her.

The sex tape put her in a pit of fire, so Mu Xiaoya had tried to frame her and divert the public attention.

She could come clean and force her to break up with Mu Yanhuai.

Unfortunately, she hadnt been cautious enough and had opened the door.

“Are you feeling guilty, Miss Ye” A male journalist tried to get his mic as close to her as possible.

“You not only cheated, but also tried to frame your artist.

Dont you have anything to say, Miss Ye”

“I heard that you always slept with directors and producers to get your artists a chance to audition”

Facing all those hostile questions, Ye Shengge was almost about to burst out laughing.

Mu Xiaoya was really trying to defame her, and God knew how much money she had spent on these journalists.

As those journalists tried to push forward, she felt that she wasnt able to hold them off anymore.

She slid down and a force rushed toward her.

She took a couple of steps back, falling to the ground.

The journalists were still taking photos of her, and some of them rushed into the bedroom, trying to find themister.

Ye Shengge could barely catch a breath.

She felt so hurt that she was about to cry.

“Where is the person you cheated with, Miss Ye Did you hide him” The journalists failed to find anyone, so they put the mics in front of her again.

“Miss Ye.

Show us your man, otherwise, well arrange a person for you today,” said a male journalist with bad intentions.

Ye Shengge sneered.

As she tried to stand up, the journalist pushed her with his mic, and the other journalists went on to grab her hands, stopping her from moving.

Her anger was about to burn her from the inside out.

She knew it was hard for her to get out of this today.

“How much did Mu Xiaoya pay you” Ye Shengge stared at them coldly.

“Dont you even have basic decency”

That male journalist grimaced, “If I have to.

I can be the one you cheated with.”

And then, he gave his mic to his colleagues and started to strip.

Everyone else laughed with their disgusting voices.

Ye Shengge shook from indignation, but there was nothing she could do but watch that male journalist take off his jacket, leaving only a vest on.

He bowed down, reached toward Ye Shengges collar, tring to take her coat off as well.

He didnt want to actually assault the woman, but he needed to be close enough to take some shady photos.

However, the male journalist was indeed a bit turned on upon seeing her face and the peony.

Just as he was about to touch Ye Shengges collar, he felt a force taking him away, throwing him to the ground.

He screamed in extreme pain.


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