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Chapter 250: Untitled

Although she knew it wouldnt be that serious, she was the one who had caused this trouble, and Ji Shiting might have to deal with Xiao Ruilangs revenge, so she didnt have the confidence to refuse.

“Wont it affect your work if I stay by your side” Ye Shengge struggled.

“Im on leave recently.” Ji Shiting looked at her.

“I have plenty of time to spend with you.”

He had plenty of time to be with her, which meant he had plenty of time to tease her.

“I dont need your company.” Ye Shengge was alarmed.

“Were a couple, so we have to be alone.” Ji Shiting smiled.

“How long do you plan to run away from me”

Ye Shengge stared at him, speechless.

“If you have to keep a distance from me to control yourself…” He put his hand on her heart and said.” That means youve admitted defeat.

“Im not.” Ye Shengge denied.

“Im not afraid of being alone!”

He just wanted to see her fall, but she refused.

Ji Shiting saw how indignant she looked, so he held her face and kissed her passionately.

After the kiss, Ye Shengges eyes welled up with tears.

She tried to control her breathing and squeezed her legs.

Ji Shiting saw that, and he was furious.

“Do you want it” he asked hoarsely.

“…No,” she retorted, blushing.

Was it because she had slept with him so many times that she was so insensitive to that man

Ji Shiting stared at her and said, “Let me know if you want it.

Ill be there anytime.”

“…Im hungry.” Ye Shengge got out of bed.

Ji Shiting swallowed hard as he watched her scamper away.

After lunch, Ye Shengge received a call from Shang Tianyi.

“What happened” Shang Tianyis voice came through.

“Didnt you copy the video Why havent you uploaded it yet Im telling you, you dont even know it yet but Mu Xiaoya spent tens of millions of dollars to purchase the video from the production team.

However, she didnt expect you to have a video here! Hahaha!”

“Um…” Ye Shengge had to interrupt him.” Tianyi, something happened to the video… I lost it.

“Damn it!” Shang Tianyi was furious.

“Why did you screw up at such a crucial time”

“Its complicated.

Anyway, we cant touch Mu Xiaoya yet.”

“…F*ck!” Shang Tianyi was at a loss for words.

Ye Shengge could only apologize.

Shang Tianyi said, “Whats the point of apologizing to me Forget it.

Lets think of something else!”

He then hung up the phone.

Ye Shengge could completely understand how Shang Tianyi felt.

She was also upset.

Ji Shiting said, “Who says you cant touch Mu Xiaoya If the TV station has the video, we can just get another copy.”

“But shes Xiao Ruilangs woman on the surface.

Shouldnt we avoid him now” Ye Shengge blinked.

“You made him sound so scary.”

Ji Shiting was dazed.

“Or are you lying to me” Ye Shengge suddenly realized something.


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