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Chapter 239: All The Recorded Footage

“No.” Ye Shengge sounded very confident.

“In the past, when she was filming, she would only remember her lines a few minutes before she went for a take.

If she memorized them in advance, she would definitely forget them in no time.

She wouldnt be able to remember a song even if she sang it countless times.

Therefore, its impossible for her to notice the difference in the lyrics of ”Cold Garment.”

She knew Mu Xiaoya too well, so the only difficulty of the entire plan was to swap the information and get her assistant, Xiao Qi, to leave.

If it werent for someone as proficient as Xiao Qi, Mu Xiaoya wouldnt have been able to handle most things.

Shang Tianyi was rendered speechless.

“How did she manage to stay in the entertainment world for three years”

Ye Shengge looked at him and said, “Because I helped her before.

Im stupid, okay”

“No, youre not stupid.” Shang Tianyi suddenly laughed.

“Im so happy today.

No, lets go backstage.

I want to see Mu Xiaoyas face.

Id better mock her in public.”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Alright.”

As she said that, she copied the edited versions of the video onto the hard drive.

“Lets go!” Shang Tianyi was excited.

“Madam…” Xiao Qiu suddenly said carefully.

“Sir told me to send you home after this was done.”

Ye Shengge was stunned.

“Thats right.

You were attacked by fans before.

Although Mu Xiaoya has been exposed, we still need to be careful.” Shang Tianyi nodded.

“Go home with Xiao Qiu.

Ill go over alone.”

Ye Shengge mulled for a bit and said, “Please be careful.”

“Dont worry.” Shang Tianyi waved his hand and separated from them.

Just as he was about to reach the lounge, Shang Tianyi slapped his thigh and said, “Madam Isnt she being looked after by a sugar daddy Why would her sugar daddys subordinates call her Madam Is that damned woman hiding something from me”

Ive got to ask her in person the next time I see her.

Shang Tianyi looked up and saw the director walking toward Mu Xiaoyas lounge.

He smiled and followed the directors assistant.

There were already many people in the waiting room.

Besides Mu Xiaoyas team, there was also the team fromFace to Face with a Star.

“We cant air this episode, no matter what!” Song Yihai said.

“Director Lu, our Xiaoya had a fever two days ago, and she said something wrong because she wasnt feeling well today.

If this episode airs, Xiaoya will be finished!”

“But the show has already been recorded, and there are a lot of audiences here.

They all saw it.” Sister Lan smiled.

“And everyone knows that Xiaoya is going to be on this show.

Even if it doesnt air, you cant stop the public sentiment.”

“Its different.

The audience isnt allowed to bring their phones in,” Song Yihai said.

“Theres a lot of room for negotiation as long as theres no video.”

“Then our programs losses…” Director Lu said slowly.

“Ill pay you,” Mu Xiaoya suddenly spoke up, “How much do you want I can agree to it, no matter how much it costs.

My condition is to buy all the recorded footage!”


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