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Chapter 237: Lets Not Talk About Summer Wood

“What did Mu Xiaoya just say”

“Sending a piece of clothing to someone far away, dying as if separated from them What the hell is that It doesnt make sense at all! Is that part ofCold Garment”

“I dont think so.

All I remember is The moonlight is scarce.

Whos the one whos making the winter clothes Looking to the ends of the world, wanting to go back to my hometown.”

“Thats right.

Or the verse,Sending winter clothes a thousand miles away, succeed and be remembered in your hometown.”

The audience was buzzing, and Mu Xiaoya couldnt help frown.

She felt upset.

She hadnt remembered wrongly.

She had still been memorizing it when she was putting on makeup.

She looked towards Sister Lan.

Sister Lan raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Something like that.

By the way, I actually want to know howTen Summers Nine Seasons was created.

This song is also the song with the highest rating in the mainstream music world, and I think its magnificent and meaningful.

I really want to hear the original authors explanation.”

“‘Ten Summers Nine Seasons.” Mu Xiaoya frowned as if she was recalling something.

She then smiled and said, “Summer is the Chinese people.

Li is the ancient Li.

Ten Summers Nine Seasons is the origin of the Chinese.”

Sister Lan raised her eyebrows.

The buzzing amongst the audience got louder.

On the surface, it couldnt be said that Mu Xiaoyas explanation was wrong, but the lyrics of the song were profound.

Countless people had interpreted it in the past few years, which was why the song became a classic.

However, as the original author, Mu Xiaoya could only give such a superficial explanation

“Why” Mu Xiaoya clenched her fists as she looked panicked.

“Whats wrong”

“Nothing.” Sister Lan took a deep breath and smiled.

“You released 13 songs online as Summer Wood.

Which song do you like the most”

“Um… I like all 13 songs.

They are the fruits of my hard work after all.” Mu Xiaoya smiled, thinking that her answer was flawless.

However, many people in the audience were shocked.

Summer Wood had released 17 songs!

It was understandable that the host had made a mistake, but how could Summer Wood remember it wrongly She had even followed the host and said she liked all 13 songs!

The total number of songs was wrong, and the lyrics were completely illogical, the origin explanation of a song was wrong.

Was she really Summer Wood

How could that be

Many audience members were shocked, and some of Summer Woods die-hard fans almost jumped out of their chairs.

If it werent for the security guards, they wouldve rushed to the stage to question Mu Xiaoya.

Mu Xiaoya finally realized something was wrong.

She observed the audience, then glanced at the host.

“Are you still filming” she asked.

“Yes, of course.” Sister Lan smiled.

“The audience might be excited.

Dont worry about it.

Lets continue.”

Sister Lan asked a few more questions related to Summer Wood, and Mu Xiaoya answered all of them wrongly.

Mu Xiaoya finally broke out in cold sweat seeing Sister Lans meaningful smile.

“Lets… not talk about Summer Wood anymore.” She forced a smile.

“Lets discuss some of the shows Ive been filming recently.

After all, acting is my main career now.

Or rather, its a large part of my recent life.”



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