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Chapter 229: I Dont Want to Hear You Speak Now


After returning to the car, Ji Shiting was still holding Ye Shengges waist and pulling her into his embrace.

Ye Shengge tried to suppress her emotions and finally said, “Can… Can I talk”

Ji Shiting shot her a cold glance.

She opened her palm and showed it to him.

“Im not being stupid, and its not like I cant beat them.

However, this diamond fell and I was in a hurry to find it…”

The man looked more upset.

“So what if it dropped Why did you go looking for it”

“His diamond is so expensive How can I just lose it like that” Ye Shengges eyes widened.

“Its at least twenty million euros and two hundred million Yuan!”

“No matter how expensive it is, its still a dead object.” Ji Shiting tightened his grip on her waist and said coldly.

“You knew those people werent rational and didnt know when to stop.

Why didnt you run away What if you got hurt”

“I… It didnt hurt much…” Ye Shengge felt slightly aggrieved after being reprimanded by him.

“I only have a few bruises on my body…”

However, Ji Shiting got even more pissed.

“Do you really think it would have been as simple as that if I hadnt arrived in time Youre so dumb! How dare you argue”


“Shut up!” The man pressed her against his chest and said, “I dont want to listen to you right now!”

Ye Shengge was forced to lean against the mans chest, and she could feel his stiff muscles and rapid heartbeat.

She was so scared that she didnt say a word.

He was really angry.

Not just angry, but very, very angry.

She could understand why he was angry, but she couldnt agree more.

Although it was an inanimate object, it still depended on what it was.

It was a diamond worth 200 million! Perhaps it didnt seem like much to Ji Shiting, but she didnt have his confidence.

And most importantly… it had been a gift from him.

Ye Shengge couldnt help clenching the diamond in her hand.

Before long, the car stopped.

Ye Shengge looked outside and said, “Im fine.

I dont need to go to the hospital…”

“Shut up!” Ji Shiting pinched her waist, which hurt so much that she almost screamed.

She was furious and aggrieved.

Fine, Ill shut up.

She promised not to say anything more.

Ji Shiting arranged for a female doctor to examine her because she needed to take off her clothes.

However, Ji Shiting was standing in the ward like a statue when Ye Shengge was taking off her clothes.

He had no intention of going out.

The female doctor saw the mans gloomy face and didnt dare let him out.

Ye Shengge didnt dare either, so she took off her clothes under Ji Shitings cold gaze, leaving only her bra on.

He had seen her naked many times, so there was nothing to be shy about.

Ye Shengge calmly followed the doctors instructions and lifted her arms and legs.

She still clutched the diamond tightly in her hand.

Ji Shitings pupils contracted.

The womans skin was very fair and delicate.

Normally, traces would be left on her body even if he kissed her a bit harder.

Now though, she was bruised all over from being kicked so many times.

The bruises were frightening.


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