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Chapter 227: Accompany Me Tonight, Okay

Ye Shengge knew that this person was most likely someone employed by Mu Xiaoya, so she easily subdued her.

“Mu Xiaoya sent you here, didnt she Get out if you dont want to get hurt.” Ye Shengge locked the girls hands behind her back and forced her to kneel.

The girl yelled and tried to fan the flames, “She mustve treated Xiaoya the same way on set.

Save me, everyone!”

As expected, those fans were incited.

Just as they were about to go forward, Ye Shengge pulled the girl up and pushed her forward.

The girl didnt give up as she stumbled forward.

She grabbed at Ye Shengges body with both hands, but she didnt know what she had grabbed.

Ye Shengge felt a slight pain on her neck, then a feeling of emptiness.

She looked down and her heart sank.

There was nothing on her neck.

The Prime Blue Diamond Ji Shiting had given her was gone!

She didnt dare leave it in the suite, so she had been wearing it around her neck these days.

Although the girl had dragged the diamond away, she couldnt hold it firmly.

The blue diamond drew an elegant arc in the air and fell into the crowd.

Ye Shengges eyes narrowed and she rushed toward the direction where the diamond had fallen.

However, the fans thought she was going to attack them, so they were furious and threw all kinds of things at her.

Someone even punched her.

However, Ye Shengge couldnt care less about the pain.

All she could feel was anxiety.

That diamond wasnt considered big among blue diamonds and was only eight carats, it was still smaller than the size of a small stone.

If someone picked it up or kicked it into the grass, she might never be able to find it again.

Ye Shengge was burning with anxiety.

She pushed away the people around her, stood up, and continued to squeeze toward the direction where the diamond had fallen.

The fans were getting bolder, kicking and yelling at her.

Mu Xiaoya was standing at the window of the meeting room on the second floor of Star Brilliance.

She was thrilled to see Ye Shengge being beaten up by her fans.

Her assistant Xiao Qi smiled and handed her the phone, “Sister Xiaoya, its Young Master Xiao.”

Mu Xiaoya frowned, but she didnt dare to reject it.

“Happy now” The mans voice was full of charm, like a sympathetic murmur.

“Accompany me tonight, okay”

Mu Xiaoya was afraid of that man, but she was also attracted to his charm, so she couldnt help blushing upon hearing that.

“I…” Her heart pounded, but she couldnt sayno at all.

In the end, she could only reply with a trembling voice.

Outside, the fans saw that Ye Shengge was only looking for something and no longer held back.

Thus, they became bolder and werent satisfied with pushing her anymore.

Some of them even stretched out their legs to knock her down, but then, they felt a force on their backs, and they were thrown out of the circle.

She wasnt the only one.

Fans were thrown to the ground one after another.

Someone finally realized something was wrong.

They sobered up from the excitement and realized that there were many black suited bodyguards in the square.

After the crowd was cleared, Ye Shengge finally found a diamond shining with blue light not far away.

She rushed over and grabbed it.

The next moment, she suddenly saw a pair of shiny leather shoes before her.


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