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Chapter 225: Are You Willing to Come Back to Me

The girl kept screaming, “Ye Shengge! That woman in front is Ye Shengge! Stop her, everyone!”

More footsteps followed as soon as the girl said that.

Ye Shengge ran to the entrance and jumped over the railing, ignoring the security uncle guarding the door.

However, there werent taxis on the road.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw the girls running out of the entrance.

Seeing that they were about to catch up to her, she didnt bother to hail a taxi and kept running.

At this moment, a black car stopped beside her, and she heard a familiar male voice.

“Get in!”

The voice was so familiar that Ye Shengge couldnt remember who it was, but she still stopped walking, opened the car door, and got in.

She closed the door and was about to thank the man when she saw his face.

It was Mu Yanhuai.

Her face immediately sank.

“Stop the car.

Let me out.”

She then tried to open the car door but Mu Yanhuai stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

“Were old friends after all.

I wouldnt hurt you right” Mu Yanhuai shot her a glance.

“Youll be torn to pieces by those fans if you get out of the car now.”

“All this is because of you.” Ye Shengge scoffed.

“Stop the car!”

“Dont bother.

Sit tight,” said Mu Yanhuai.

“Where are you going Ill give you a ride.”

“No need.” Ye Shengge was still upset.

“Let me out!”

Mu Yanhuai suddenly smiled and said, “Youre so stubborn, Shengge.

Do you know why I didnt like you back then Its because youre so stubborn.

No woman is like you, more determined than a man, and yet, youve never relied on any man.

Do you think youre better than me”

“Im better than you!” Ye Shengge curled her lips.

“I didnt like you much back then.

I just trusted you.”

Mu Yanhuais face twisted as he grimaced.

“Its natural for you to deny it now.” He obviously didnt believe her.

“Youre heartless, but Im not.

Im willing to give you another chance.

Shengge, if you want to be an actress, Ill make you an actress.

As long as you come back, Ill let bygones be bygones.

Ill still marry you.”

Ye Shengge thought she had heard wrongly.

“What did you say What about Mu Xiaoya”

“Xiaoya has Xiao Ruilang now.” Mu Yanhuai chuckled.

“With the Xiao family as her backer, youre no match for me, Shengge.

Stop struggling.”

“You…” Ye Shengge was amazed by how shameless he was.

“Xiao Ruilang pursued Mu Xiaoya because he thought she was Summer Wood.

Do you really think Mu Xiaoya can pretend to be her forever”

Besides, she had always thought that the man loved Mu Xiaoya, but it turned out to be nothing more than that.

After realizing that he could exploit Mu Xiaoyas value, he immediately pushed her to another man.

“At least for now, I can close your studio down anytime.” Mu Yanhuai smiled disdainfully and looked at her.

“I need your answer now.

Are you willing to come back to me”


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