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Chapter 215: Obviously Trying to Hide From Him

“You havent spoiled the celebrities and models youve been dating lately,” Yu Shuhang exposed his friend.

“But thats because you dont care about them at all.

If it were a woman you like, you wouldnt be able to control yourself.”

Qiao Yanzes face twisted and he sneered, “See if Ill still spoil Li Yinian if she ever returns to me.”

“Damn you,” Yu Shuhang said.

Qiao Yanze couldnt stand it anymore, so he set his sights on Ji Shiting.

“See, Shiting treats his wife well, but look at what happened Thats why women mustnt be spoiled!”

Ji Shiting clenched his fist.

“What do you mean what happened”

“Dont pretend, brother.” Qiao Yanze gloated.

“I can tell from your face that sister-in-law has pissed you off again.”

Ji Shiting snorted and finished his wine, “Ill take my leave first.”

“Why do you think you are going” Qiao Yanze was upset.

“I have plenty of rooms here.”

“I have a family.” Ji Shiting stood up and grabbed his jacket.

“Sister-in-law is still on set, and youll be alone when you go back! Dont think I do not know that” Qiao Yanze glared at him.

The only reply he got was a cold stare from Ji Shiting.

After getting in the car, Ji Shiting wound down the window and let the cold wind in, dissipating the smell of alcohol on him.

He fiddled with his phone for a bit, and finally made a call.

Since she was backing down, it didnt matter if he took the initiative.

However, after a few seconds, she heard a cold female voice.

“The number youve dialed is switched off.

Please try again later.”

Turned off

Besides not calling him, she even turned off her phone

Shes obviously avoiding me!

Very good, very good indeed.

Ji Shiting was furious, but he smiled instead.

He gulped and said to the driver, “To the Film City!”

The driver was shocked.

“Sir, its already so late … The Film City is very far from here.

Itll take at least half an hour to drive there.”

“Stop talking and move.” Ji Shiting said icily.

“Yes sir.” The driver didnt dare argue back and immediately drove toward the destination.


That night, Ye Shengge laid in bed for a long time.

Perhaps, she was feeling a little guilty because she hadnt called him yet.

Although she was prepared to anger Ji Shiting, she realized that people had habits.

She was used to making Ji Shiting happy, so she couldnt help feeling uneasy about doing something that would anger him.

She hesitated for a bit, wanting to turn on her phone to make up for her mistake, but she eventually stopped herself.

Forget it.

Perhaps Ji Shiting is already asleep.

Besides, he wouldnt mind me not calling for a night.

She comforted herself and finally fell asleep.

However, she didnt sleep well, and she had all kinds of dreams.

What was more terrifying was that she dreamed that there was a huge rock on her body, making it difficult for her to breathe.

She struggled to push the stone away, but her wrists were grabbed tightly.

In the next second, she felt a chill on her body, followed by warmth.

She couldnt help shivering as she struggled to open her eyes.

The glaring light in the room made her shut her eyes again, but that glimpse was enough for her to see the mans handsome and cold face.


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