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Chapter 200: He Hadnt Gotten Over It

What surprised Ye Shengge was that she wasnt disappointed at all.

Instead, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Perhaps it was because of the aggressiveness he had shown tonight that made her afraid, or perhaps it was because she realized that she might have had thoughts about that man that she shouldnt have, but she was afraid of having sex with him.

Thus, she didnt even care about removing her birthmark right now.

However, no matter how rational she was, she couldnt deny the fact that her body was easily controlled by him.

Her fingers still felt numb from the deep kiss.

She licked her lips and realized that she was recalling his taste.

Her face turned completely red.

“Stop overthinking!” She slapped her face, trying to calm herself down.

After a while, when the water in the bathtub was almost two-thirds full, she stood up and walked over.

She bent down and tested the temperature with her hands.

She felt that it was a bit hot, so she turned the switch a bit more in the direction of the cold water.

Just as she was adjusting the temperature of the water, Ji Shiting walked in.

The woman bent down, and her round butt couldnt help tightening up, which made the man burn with desire.

He moved closer, but Ye Shengge didnt know anything until she felt a burning arm around her waist.

“Ah!” She was shocked, and her back hit the mans hard chest.

Ji Shiting hugged her from behind and said, “Its me.”

Of course, she knew it was him, but could he not scare her

Especially when his body was burning hot.

Ye Shengge struggled a bit and said, “I … Im adjusting the water temperature for you.”

She felt that the temperature in the bathtub was still too high given his current body temperature.

Ji Shiting grunted and let her go.

“Its good enough already.”

Ye Shengge immediately got out of his embrace, but when she turned around, she saw that the man had already taken off his clothes.

There was only a towel wrapped around his waist, and his exposed upper body was well-defined and sexy.

The sexy man made her cheeks burn even more.

“Then… Ill head out first.” She looked away and walked out of the bathroom.

There was the sound of water splashing behind her.

It seemed that Ji Shiting had entered the bathtub.

Ye Shengge heard a hoarse voice, “Wait.”

She stopped in her tracks, hesitated for a bit and turned around.

“What happened”

“Come here.” Ji Shiting sat facing her and looked at her.

“Help me.”

The mans handsome face looked calm, but… his dark eyes were so deep that Ye Shengge felt like she was going to be sucked in even if they were just looking at each other.

Her throat tightened.

“… Help you with what”

“What do you think” He frowned and said, “Dont waste time.”

Ye Shengge felt that there was something wrong with Ji Shiting tonight.

After thinking about it, his eyes had been so dark ever since he entered.

Even when he was smiling, there was no trace of a smile in his eyes.

However, she had been negligent and thought that he had lost his temper.

Perhaps he hadnt gotten over it… no matter how she explained it or how reasonable it sounded.

Ye Shengges heart pounded as she sensed danger, so she took a step back instinctively.


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