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Chapter 191: Trapped by Love

Ji Shiting wound down the window and let the autumn wind in.

He unbuttoned his shirt and put his right hand on the window.

Night had fallen, and the lights shone on his handsome face.

Over the phone, Grandpa Ji voice said, “Why have you become more unfilial after getting married How long has it been since you last visited me”

Ji Shiting smiled and said, “Didnt you tell me to enjoy our time together”

“But the problem is that Shengge is filming in the Film City, and youre on a business trip.

How long will it take you two to meet” Grandpa Ji was furious.

“At this rate, when will I get a great-grandson”

“Ill take Shengge back to the manor to visit you after she gets some rest,” Ji Shiting said.

“Are you satisfied now”

“Humph …” Grandpa Ji said coldly.

“Dont think I dont know what youre up to.

I dont have much raw stones left.

I planned to give them to your grandma below, after a hundred years and not give them to you.”

“Grandma doesnt like diamonds.” Ji Shiting raised his eyebrows.

“She likes jade.”

Grandpa Ji was rendered speechless again.

“… Cant you buy it yourself if you want to give it to your wife”

“The quality in the market isnt good enough,” Ji Shiting said.

“If theres anything good in the future, Ill get it and return it to you.”

“Lets talk about it after you bring Shengge back.” Grandpa Ji scoffed and hung up the phone.

Ji Shiting curled his lips as he fiddled with his phone.

Ye Shengge would probably be done with her days filming and would call him in about half an hour.

Ye Shengge didnt even remember that she had a routine phone call to make.

Qin Youhui and Xiao Liu were setting up the living room according to the films plot.

“Shengge, walk over from that direction later.” Qin Youhui pointed to the door.

“Ill sit on the step and drink.

Xiao Liu, shoot from this direction.

Lin Qi, shoot from the other side.”

Little Liu and Lin Qi nodded solemnly.

Ye Shengge was still nervous, but seeing how professional and calm Qin Youhui was, she didnt want to let him down.

“I understand.” She nodded.

“Okay, lets begin.” Qin Youhui could tell that she was worried, so he smiled and said, “Dont be afraid.

Dont think of yourself as Xue Ning.

Im not Qin Youhui, but your only hope, Rong Yuxiu.

Relax, youre an actress.”

Ye Shengge felt a bit ashamed.

Thats right.

This was just work.

Being too nervous would only make Qin Youhui feel awkward.

“Rest assured.” Ye Shengge walked to the door and pulled her cloak tighter.

Qin Youhui also lay down on the sofa, holding a wine pot.

Qin Youhui immediately got into character after hearing what Lin Qi said.

He took a sip of wine and sang, “… Theres a new worry in my eyes.

Theres no way to get rid of it.

I just started to frown, but now Im worried.”

He sounded like he was letting loose, yet his tone was full of self-mockery, grief, and disappointment.

Xue Ning inched closer.

“Lord Rong has a bright future ahead of him.

I dont know how many daughters and concubines want a husband, so could he be trapped by love” She smiled and said.


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