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Chapter 190: Practicing the Bed Scenes

Ye Shengge and Qin Youhui were still in the middle of the set.

“Do you want to go” He smiled and asked.

Ye Shengge thought for a bit and shook her head.

“I think ill go back and read the script.”

As the plot progressed, she had more and more scenes as the lead actress.

“Thats perfect.” Qin Youhui thought for a bit.

“We have a bed scene in a couple of days.

I think we should rehearse in advance.

They wont be here tonight, so we dont want them to see us and raise unnecessary suspicions.”

“Ah …” Ye Shengge blinked a couple of times.

She actually had a lot of sex scenes in the show, but sex scenes with the emperor were like work to Xue Ning, so basically, she just needed to wear her sleeping clothes.

However, sex scenes with the male lead had many different implied meanings for Xue Ning, so Xu Xiangjie her first sex scene with Qin Youhui was necessary.

Although it wouldnt be too explicit, there would be some erotic scenes.

Moreover, she wasnt familiar with Qin Youhui, so it would be awkward if she didnt rehearse in advance.

Besides, sex scenes required great acting skills, so it was necessary to rehearse in advance.

“My idea is to ask your assistant Lin Qi and my assistant Xiao Liu to take photos from different angles.

That way, we can still see which angles have the best effects.” Qin Youhui suggested.

Ye Shengge thought for a bit and nodded, “Okay.

Come to my room after dinner.”

She should be more comfortable in her own room.

“Okay.” Qin Youhui nodded and went back to his makeup room to change.

Xu Xiangjie walked over and said to her, “Dont go to the event tonight.”

“I understand.” Ye Shengge thought Xu Xiangjie already knew that she and Qin Youhui were going to rehearse, so she nodded.

“Dont worry.

Ill handle it.”

“Thats good.” Xu Xiangjie nodded with a smile.

Ye Shengge went back to the makeup room to change out of her costume.

The set was already empty.

It seemed that Xu Xiangjie had brought everyone with him.

She went back to the suite and had dinner with Lin Qi.

Lin Qi already knew that Qin Youhui would come over to rehearse bed scenes with Ye Shengge, and her eyes shone with excitement.

“I wonder what Senior Qins body is like.” She gushed as she covered her face.

“Hey, well definitely be wearing clothes during the rehearsal.” Ye Shengge glared at her.

“Dont have such a dirty imagination.”

“I know, but since were rehearsing for bed scenes, you two will probably wear something more tight fitting,” Lin Qi said, beaming.

“Ive seen them in other shows.”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

Thats right.

She couldnt just wear a thick jacket for bed scenes … What should she do She suddenly regretted it.

She had agreed readily that evening because she felt that it was just work, and there was nothing awkward about it.

However, when she thought about how she was about to get intimate with a guy she wasnt familiar with, she started to resist…

However, it was too late for regrets now.

After dinner, Qin Youhui arrived with his assistant, Xiao Liu.

Lin Qi showed them in.

Ye Shengge smiled and waved at them.


“Okay, lets begin.” Qin Youhui was very professional.

He chewed his chewing gum.

“Lets try to finish it in an hour.”

At the same time, a black Maybach drove out of Yang City International Airport and headed toward the Film City.


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