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Chapter 176: Who Says Im Fake

“Sister Shengge!” Lin Qi immediately rushed to her and said, “Mu Xiaoya took your exclusive makeup room and she said the director agreed to it!”

As the lead actress, Ye Shengge had a lot of costumes in the show, so she had a makeup room to herself.

Mu Xiaoya had probably been upset for a long time, and now, she had seized her makeup room with Summer Woods fame.

“Ill go in and kill her!” Shang Tianyi was already rolling up his sleeves.

Ye Shengge stopped him, “Go talk to Director Xu.

Ill talk to Mu Xiaoya.”

Shang Tianyi thought for a bit and agreed.

He then said to Lin Qi, “Just stay here and watch.

Dont let your sister Shengge get bullied.”

Lin Qi nodded.

Ye Shengge couldnt help chuckling and walking in.

Actually, she didnt care whether her makeup room was for personal use or for someone else, but she knew Mu Xiaoya too well.

If she tried to appease her, the woman would push her luck.

Besides, did Mu Xiaoya really think of herself as Summer Wood

Mu Xiaoya was sitting on a chair touching up her eyebrows when she heard activity.

She turned around and saw Ye Shengge.

“This makeup room belongs to me now.

Please leave.”

“Really” Ye Shengge smiled, walked over, grabbed the eyebrow pencil from Mu Xiaoyas hand and threw it on the ground.

“Who approved it”

Mu Xiaoya probably hadnt expected Ye Shengge to attack her right away, so her face flushed.

She stood up, her hand shaping up to slap Ye Shengge.

“You actually…”

However, Ye Shengge easily grabbed her wrist.

“Ah!” Mu Xiaoyas face twisted in pain, and she swung her other hand, but it was still grabbed by Ye Shengge.

Mu Xiaoyas assistant, Xiao Qi, wanted to help, but she was stopped by Lin Qi.

“Mu Xiaoya.” Ye Shengge smiled at her twisted face.

“Do you really think I cant do anything to you just because you pretended to be Summer Wood”

“Who… Who said I was pretending” Mu Xiaoya glared at her and screamed, “Let me go! How dare you…”

Ye Shengge clenched her fist as she heard her.

“Mu Yanhuai gave you the songLove, didnt he I know the origins of the song better than anyone else.”

Mu Xiaoya was about to cry from the pain.

She might be good at pretending to be innocent, but she was way worse than Ye Shengge in terms of fighting ability.

“So what” Even so, she refused to beg for mercy and sneered, “The real Summer Wood is dead, and Im Summer Wood! Thats what everyone thinks!”

That had been what Mu Yanhuai had told her.

Ye Shengge glared at her coldly, and Xu Xiangjies horrified voice sounded from behind, “Shengge, calm down, let go!”

Mu Xiaoya looked at her and sneered.

She obviously thought Xu Xiangjie was her savior.

Ye Shengge smiled and shook off Mu Xiaoyas wrist.

Mu Xiaoya stumbled for a bit, then she ran to Xu Xiangjie and complained, “Director Xu! You saw everything!”

“I saw it.” Xu Xiangjie looked helpless.

“But this is Shengges makeup room.

Why are you here”

Mu Xiaoya was rendered speechless, then she said, “I want this makeup room.

Director Xu, ask Ye Shengge to move out.”


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