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Chapter 156: I Cant Help But Fall In Love With You

Ji Shiting thought for a bit and said, “No problem.

Ill ask Zhou Yandong to handle it.

You just need to sign the papers.”

Ye Shengges face lit up.

“I can give you forty million now!”

“Keep that money yourself,” Ji Shiting said.

“Dont worry, Ill give you half of the shares.”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

“You mean… You dont need my money anymore But the agreement we signed…”

“I signed the agreement before we got married.

Youre my wife now, the wife of the president of T.S.

Corporation.” Ji Shiting shot her a cold glance.

“Ill share all my income with you during our marriage.

Ill pay for the companys operation, so I dont need to answer to the board of directors.”

Ye Shengge felt dizzy from hearing this.

She rubbed her face as if unable to believe something like this was happening.

“You dont have to worry about that,” Ji Shiting said.

He made an indication on the final document and closed the file.

“Lets go home.”

Ye Shengge was still in a daze, and she couldnt help saying, “Ji Shiting, Ill cant help but fall in love with you if you do this.”

Ji Shiting stopped in his tracks and stared at her.

“I… Im serious.” Ye Shengge summoned her courage.

“Ill definitely pester you, and if you ever want a divorce, you wont get your way, so…”

“So what” The mans voice was deep and hoarse, but his dark eyes looked gentle.

“Dont be so nice to me!” Ye Shengge puffed her cheeks.

“Otherwise, youll regret it!”

She widened her eyes, looking nervous as if she was afraid that the man would get mad.

What surprised her was that the man wasnt angry at all, but instead, he smiled.

It wasnt a sneer, nor a sarcastic smile, but a genuine smile.

He said, “You can try.”

Ye Shengge didnt have the guts to try it out.

If she fell, she wouldnt have a chance to get out.

Although her rationality told her to hang in there, she didnt know how long she could last.

Thus, after dinner, Ye Shengge suggested she join the cast for filming tomorrow just before Ji Shiting headed to the study.

“My feet are already fine.

Besides, its not an action flick.

Ill only take a couple of steps at most.” Ye Shengge wanted to run a few steps just to show him.

Ji Shiting finally agreed seeing how anxious she was.

“Be careful.

If anything happens again, dont act in this show,” he casually remarked.

Yet this terrified Ye Shengge.

“I know, dont worry!” She nodded, hesitated a bit, then added, “Dont work too late.

Rest early.

Ill wait for you.”

Ji Shiting looked at her and smiled, “Alright.”

Ye Shengge smiled at him and watched him enter the study before returning to the master bedroom.

She felt that she was becoming more and more competent as a wife.

After showering, she called Xu Xiangjie and told him that she would be joining the team tomorrow.

“Alright, Ill come up with a filming schedule for tomorrow and give you a few simpler scenes,” said Xu Xiangjie.

“Ill send them to you later.”

“Thank you, Director Xu,” Ye Shengge said, embarrassed.

“Sorry to trouble you.”

“Not at all.” Xu Xiangjie smiled and said.

“You took three days off, and Ive got twenty million dollars worth of budget.

I should be thanking you.”


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