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Chapter 155: His Taste Is Different

Ji Shiting curled his lips and said, “No.

I think youre good as you are.”

“Whats so good about that With this birthmark, Im very limited in my acting career.” Ye Shengge was anxious.

“I know you dont like being used, but you clearly want it as well… I promise, as long as I can get rid of this birthmark, Ill be obedient! You need me to be a competent wife, and Ill cooperate with you.

If you dont want to see me, Ill stay far away from you!”

Ye Shengge felt that she was being sincere, but Ji Shitings eyes immediately turned cold.

“No.” Ji Shiting looked at her and said, “I dont want you to get what you want.”

If he didnt want to see her, she would stay away from him and never pester him again.

This was probably what she was looking forward to.

Ji Shiting sneered.

Ye Shengge grabbed his shirt.


“Thats a good question.” Ji Shiting smiled.

“If you can figure out the answer, Ill do as you wish.”

Ye Shengge was dazed.

How was she to know what that man was thinking

Ye Shengge really wished she had a special ability to see through peoples hearts!

“Stay here and wait here for me for half an hour.” Ji Shiting pinched her face.

“Ill take you home after I end work.”

He then stood up and returned to his desk.

Ye Shengge grabbed her hair.


Did he take pleasure in going against her

Ye Shengge puffed her cheeks, thinking that it was very likely.

Humph, so be it! She took out her cell phone and went into Wechat to send Shang Tianyi a message.

[What kind of high-end trick are there to seduce a man The kind where you can seduce him without him knowing!]

Shang Tianyi immediately replied: [Why are you asking Request from your sugar daddy]

[Um… Yes, his taste is a bit unique.]

[Wait, Ill go search now.

Ill send you a link later.

Please study it well, and make sure you treat him well!]

Ye Shengge replied, “Okay.” She then looked at Ji Shiting.

It was almost evening, and the afterglow of the setting sun shone on the mans body through the window, which was then cut by his facial features.

He flipped through a document with his slender hand, and his handsome face tilted, showing off his serious side.

Ye Shengge suddenly felt that the whole world had fallen silent.

Her body seemed to have blocked out all sound.

All she could hear was her own heartbeat.

Ye Shengge finally came to her senses after some time.

She immediately looked away, took a deep breath, and felt her cheeks burning.

She couldnt help covering her face with her hands.

Damn it, she might have fallen for him before she could seduce him.

Damn it!

She chanted a few Buddhist scriptures a couple of times, trying to calm herself down, then coughed.

Ji Shiting looked at her and said, “Are you anxious”

“No.” Ye Shengge was a bit shy upon hearing his voice.

Her eyes glinted, but she didnt dare look him in the eyes.

“I just remembered… Ive poached several artists with potential.

I want to establish a studio and sign them.”


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