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Chapter 149: So Youre The Mastermind

Ye Shengge flipped aside the blankets and sat up.

As expected, the bed beside her was empty.

She looked at the time again, and it was already ten oclock.

She immediately got out of bed, washed up, changed her clothes, and walked out.

After breakfast, she moved all her things to the master bedroom with Sister Xius help.

The second bedroom would be her study room.

The bedroom, which was originally empty, was immediately filled with warmth.

She walked to duobaoge and placed a photo from her childhood beside Ji Shitings family portrait.

It seemed rather fitting.

She admired it for a while and couldnt help smiling.

Actually, if she was lucky enough, she might be able to spend the rest of her life with Ji Shiting.

While they didnt have a strong relationship and Ji Shiting was a proud and aloof person.

It was hard to imagine him suddenly falling for another woman and kicking her out.

Perhaps they could have a baby together…

Ye Shengges face heated up at that thought, and she slapped her face to get rid of the image.

“Im hungry, Sister Xiu.” Ye Shengge coughed and said.

“Lets go out.”

Sister Xiu smiled and said, “Sure, Young Madam.”

After lunch, Ye Shengge called Shang Tianyi and asked him to meet her in a nearby teahouse.

They met in the room half an hour later.

“Is your sugar daddy willing to let her go” Shang Tianyi had dressed very flamboyantly.

“No wonder I find you more feminine, baby.”

Ye Shengge got goosebumps upon hearing him call her baby.

“Dont bother about him first.” She took a sip of tea.

“Hows the preparation for the studio going Is contract termination for the few of them going smoothly”

“Wen Kexin is a newcomer, so Mu Yanhuai didnt make things difficult for her.

Shes already gone through the termination papers, but Ying Xiaoyu and Peng Jiayi are in trouble.” Shang Tianyi sighed.

“Theyre both popular teen idols, Peng Jiayi especially can be considered A-list, so how could Mu Yanhuai let them go easily They havent submitted it yet and are waiting for an appropriate time.”

“An appropriate time…” Ye Shengge mumbled.

“Thats indeed a problem.”

“You should know how cunning Mu Yanhuai is.” Shang Tianyi snorted.

“I dont think hell let this go easily.”

Someone pushed the door open from the outside.

“Wont let this go easily” The man standing at the door smiled.

“Youre right.”

Ye Shengge was shocked, whereas Shang Tianyi jumped up and exclaimed, “Damn it! Why are you here”

“Sorry, I heard you mention this address on set.” Mu Yanhuai smiled.

“I reckon the person you would be meeting was Shengge.”

“Damn it!” Shang Tianyi rolled his eyes.

“Lets go to my house, Shengge!”

Ye Shengge calmed herself down and smiled, “No need.

Since Boss Mu is here, lets talk.”

Mu Yanhuais smile widened.

“Well said.” He walked in and sat down between them.

“I was wondering why Wen Kexin wanted to terminate her contract.

So it turns out that youre the mastermind.

Shengge, are you trying to establish your own faction and oppose me”

“I do want to establish my own company, but I intend to target you.” Ye Shengge met his gaze.

“Boss Mu, youre overthinking.”


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