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Chapter 147: Im Cold

Ji Shiting exhaled, turned off the bedside lamp and lay down beside her.

“Sleep.” She heard the mans hoarse voice.

The room fell into darkness, and Ye Shengge was dazed as she lay beside him.

Just… sleep

Well, that was great.

She might not be able to handle it if it was too frequent.

After all, she still had more chances in the future.

With that thought in mind, she lifted the blanket a bit higher and covered herself with it.

This was the first time they had slept together, so Ye Shengge was a bit excited and nervous… She didnt have any weird habits when she was sleeping, did she

She could hear the mans irregular breathing and his heavy heartbeat.

Obviously, he wasnt sleeping yet, and… he seemed like he was trying to adjust his breathing

She wasnt mistaken.

He was trying to do so, but he didnt want to let her notice.

Ye Shengge rolled her eyes in the darkness and suddenly felt like she was pulling a prank.

She turned around and shifted against him, and her feet brushed his calf.

“What are you doing” he immediately cried out.

Ye Shengge said, “Im cold…”

She wasnt lying.

It was autumn now, and although the villas room was always warm, Ji Shiting was still using a thin blanket normally for summer.

Her body didnt burn as hot as that man, so this indeed felt a little chilly for her.

The room was huge and spacious, which made it more chilly.

Besides, the man beside her was giving off a constant warmth, so she wanted to lean toward him.

Ji Shiting snorted and grabbed her hand.

What surprised him was that her hands werent warm at all.

“I didnt lie to you, did I” Ye Shengge reached out her other hand and put it on his burning palms.

She then said, “You make me warm.”

Ji Shiting suspected that she was doing it on purpose, but it was true that her hands were cold.

It was his fault for being inconsiderate, and his room didnt have the appropriate blanket.

The man frowned in the dark.

At that moment, the woman beside him snuggled closer like a kitten and she held his hand against her chest.

He felt the womans soft chest under his palm, and his breathing got heavier.

Before he could chide her, Ye Shengge let go of his hand.

“Ah, sorry!” She sounded shy and innocent.

“I didnt mean it.”

She then carefully slid back to the side of her bed.

Ji Shiting sneered.

She was trying to trick him.

However, seeing the woman curled up in the corner of the bed, the man couldnt help cursing under his breath, reaching out his arms and pulling her into his embrace.

Ye Shengge gasped and fell into a warm embrace.

She blushed, partly because of his passion, and partly because she was thrilled that her plan had succeeded.

“Are you still cold” Ji Shiting put his arms around her waist and breathed on her neck.

Ye Shengge couldnt help shrinking her neck back and said, “Not anymore.

Its very warm.”


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