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Chapter 143: Not Discussing The Matter Of Marriage With Me

Ji Shitings face sank upon hearing that voice, and he immediately looked away.

Ye Shengge was dazed.

That voice sounded strange.

She looked toward the door, but Ji Shiting stopped her, and she could only see the corner of his shirt.

“Give me a few minutes,” Ji Shiting said calmly.

He let go of the woman in his arms, put her on the bed and covered her with the blanket.

Ye Shengge couldnt see anything anymore, but she felt anxious.

Who was it Why did she call that man by his name It meant that he had a special relationship with that woman.

But wasnt he very cold to women She had never seen him talk to another woman before.

Oh right, he had a fiancée before, but she left him.

Was that fiancée back

Given her own relationship with Ji Shiting, Ye Shengge wouldnt have a right to mind if Ji Shiting did indeed have another woman.

However, if she didnt mind… she felt a chest tightening.

Ye Shengge was in a dilemma.

She turned around and tried to see what was happening at the door, but Ji Shiting had already walked out of the room and was about to close it.

“Mom, why are you here” The mans deep voice came through, and the door closed.

Um… Ye Shengge was embarrassed.

She had clearly let her imagination run wild.

Outside, Xu Shaoqing, who hadnt seen him for a long time, couldnt help choking up.

Xie Siqi who was holding on to her arm smiled.

“We met Sister Xiu downstairs, and we found out that you were here with her.

Therefore, we checked for the ward number.

Mom really misses you.”

Ji Shiting totally ignored her.

Instead, his gaze was focused on the woman in front of him and he asked calmly, “Where do you feel unwell”

Xie Siqi bit her lips.

Xu Shaoqing was too excited to see her son, so she didnt notice her stepdaughters expression.

She smiled and said, “Its just a minor issue.

Siqi wants me to have a doctor take a look.

Dont worry.”

Although Xu Shaoqing was almost fifty years old, she was still very beautiful, probably due to the fact she had taken great care of herself and lived a comfortable life for many years.

“Mm,” Ji Shiting answered coldly.

To him, the small talk was over.

Xu Shaoqing was used to his detached personality, so he didnt mind it at all.

She sized him up carefully and realized something was wrong.

Ji Shitings shirt was slightly open, and he had lipstick and eyelashes on his collar.

There were still traces of a woman nibbling on the corner of his lips, which made him look beyond seductive.

Coupled with his lazy look, it was obvious what had just happened.

Xu Shaoqing was used to seeing how aloof Ji Shiting was.

Thus, at this moment, she really didnt know what to say.

However, this scene was so glaring to Xie Siqi.

“Have you forgotten, mom Shitings married.” She smiled.

“Dont you want to meet her”

“Thats right!” Xu Shaoqing came to his senses.

“Is that Ms.

Ye inside Can I meet her”

“There will be no need.

Its not convenient for her right now.” Ji Shiting refused without any hesitation.

“Please go back and rest early.”

“I just want to see what kind of girl my son likes.

Cant I” Xu Shaoqings eyes had now reddened.

“Marriage is such a big deal.

I dont blame you for not discussing the matter of your marriage with me, but I can at least meet her, right”


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