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Chapter 139: Heart Like Steel

“Whats wrong, Young Madam” Sister Xiu rushed over upon hearing the noises, but she saw Ye Shengge shook her left hand, gesturing for her to go away.

“Um… I have something to do, Young Master.

Ill leave Young Madam to you.” Sister Xiu immediately made herself invisible.

Ye Shengge drew on all her acting skills and gazed at this nearby man, trying to arouse his sympathy.

Ji Shiting looked down at her, pursing his lips coldly.

“Give me a hand, honey…” Ye Shengge saw that he wasnt moving, so she had to speak first.

“Did you break your leg” Ji Shiting lips curled.

Ye Shengge was irritated.

That man was way too cold-blooded.

Whether it was intentional or not, he was the real deal.

Couldnt he just pick her up

She couldnt do anything about it, so she struggled to get up.

However, when she put force on her leg, the pain hurt so much that she nearly fainted.

She had twisted her ankle!

Ye Shengge was so pissed that she nearly cried.

Ji Shitings expression finally changed slightly.

What a silly woman.

He walked over to her and squatted down.

“My ankle hurts.” Ye Shengge seized the chance to get sympathy.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

Ji Shiting shot her a glance, pinched her ankle, and Ye Shengge screamed.

He swallowed hard, feeling both heartache and irritation.

“Dont move,” he chided.

He then helped her take off her high heels and picked her up.

Ye Shengge immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “It really hurts.”

“You deserve it.” The man sneered.

“No, I didnt do it on purpose.” She sniffed.

“I tried to catch up with you, but I fell.”

“So its my fault” Ji Shiting put her on the sofa and glared coldly at her.

Ye Shengge lowered her head, looking aggrieved, but seeing Ji Shiting putting her feet on his knees and examining her injury made her feel as if a flower had blossomed in her heart.

She felt exhilarated.

Therefore, she couldnt help smiling.

Ji Shiting noticed that and the corner of his lips curled up slightly.

Then, he pinched her ankle.

“Ah! It hurts!” Ye Shengge screamed and looked at him.

“Be gentler…”

“Theres a bone dislocation.

You need to go to the hospital.” Ji Shiting finished the examination and said sarcastically.

“Ive underestimated you, Ye Shengge.”

She even fell so hard that her bone dislocated.

Ji Shiting couldnt have been angrier thinking about how much effort that woman had put in to make up with him.

Ye Shengge was dazed.

She hadnt expected to fall so hard.

Furthermore, her whole body was still sore.

Ji Shiting sneered and carried her to the door.


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