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Chapter 135: Compensation

“Sorry, sorry!” Mu Xiaoya apologized immediately.

She felt great seeing the tear on the dress, but pretended to be terrified.

“Shengge, I didnt do it on purpose.”

What could Ye Shengge do to her under the watchful eyes of so many people

Mu Xiaoya thought to herself smugly.

All the other cast members were astonished.

Su Han couldnt help sneering.

The journalists were also shocked, and they took photos like mad, waiting for Ye Shengges reaction.

Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow, lifted her dress, and covered the tear.

She then smiled at Mu Xiaoya.

“Its okay.

I know you didnt do it on purpose, but the dress is worth $1.5 million USD.

Ill send the bill to Star Brilliance.”

She sounded gentle, but her intonation wasnt at all polite.

$1.5 million USD

Mu Xiaoyas face warped.

Ye Shengge hadnt kicked up a fuss, but she still had the cheek to ask her to pay

Even celebrities wouldnt talk about money in a situation like this as people would think they were short on money.

Mu Xiaoya hadnt expected Ye Shengge to ask her for money.

“Take a seat quickly.” Ye Shengges smile widened upon seeing Mu Xiaoyas grim face.

“Dont worry.

Ill give you a discount.”

What else could Mu Xiaoya say Would she say she wouldnt pay for it

In the end, she could only apologize and sat down on her designated seat.

She looked utterly aggrieved and terrified as if she was the one being bullied by Ye Shengge instead.

However, the host only saw that everything had calmed and the lead actress was already seated.

He immediately carried on with the next segment.

However, this was a live broadcast.

Many of Mu Xiaoyas die-hard fans saw this and were furious.

“What Isnt this Ye bitch being too much Our Xiaoya has already apologized.

What else does she want”

“Thats right.

How dare she bully our Xiaoya using underhanded means Thats outrageous!”

“Its merely the opening ceremony, yet shes even wearing a Valentino.

Heh heh, is she afraid that others wont know she had a sugar daddy”

“Our Xiaoya is a great actress, yet she can only be a supporting actress for someone like that.

How infuriating!”

“This kind of person is really a cancer of the entertainment world!”

At that moment, Ji Shiting had just finished a video conference in the office of T.S Corporation and was having a sip of his coffee.

He glanced at the time on his watch and frowned.

It had been a while since the ceremony started, and he didnt know whether the gown had arrived or not.

Ji Shiting was annoyed that he was paying attention to her but that dumb woman kept getting out of his line of sight…

Ji Shiting pursed his lips, turned on his laptop and clicked on the live-stream page.

He immediately saw Ye Shengge sitting in the middle of the stage.

The red dress made her look enchanting and even more seductive.

Red was perfect for her.

At this moment, her head was tilted as she listened to something.

He didnt know what the actor beside her had said, but there was a shine in her eyes as she smiled.

It seemed as if his display last night didnt affect her at all.

Ji Shiting was furious.

He sneered and was about to close the page when he saw the comments on the screen.

They were all insulting Ye Shengge.

Ji Shitings face darkened.


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