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Chapter 133: Go, Baby

She wanted to call Ji Shiting immediately, but there were so many people in the makeup room, so she gave up that idea.

“Shengge, you have to be stunning,” said Shang Tianyi suddenly.

“This gown cant be wasted.

I want to plan a marketing strategy and let your popularity rise again!”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “No need.”

Shang Tianyi glared at her and said, “I know you just want to be a good actress, but you dont have any popularity.

How can good scripts just fall into your lap like this”

Ye Shengge could only reply helplessly, “Alright, do what you want.”

Shang Tianyi immediately asked the makeup artist to adjust Ye Shengges makeup.

After the gown was delivered, everyone in the makeup room had changed their attitude toward her.

The makeup artist was very polite, and her tone was more ingratiating.

Even Su Han changed her hostile attitude and talked to her, which made Ye Shengge sigh about how snobbish the entertainment industry was.

On the other side, Mu Xiaoya arrived at the backstage entrance.

She didnt want to go back to the makeup room, neither did she remain there and let others laugh at her.

She dragged Mu Yanhuai out, but she couldnt help shaking at the thought of what had just happened.

Mu Yanhuai had no time to comfort Mu Xiaoya.

All he could wonder was: Who sent Ye Shengge that gown Did she really hook up with a sugar daddy

At this time, Mu Xiaoyas was finally delivered.

Mu Yanhuais assistant, Ah Kun, jumped out of the taxi and rushed to Mu Xiaoya and Mu Yanhuai with a gown.

“Boss Mu, Ms.

Mu.” He panted.

“I contacted Little Fragrance House and they agreed to sponsor this gown.

However, although its flawed, it cant be noticed unless on close inspection.”

Ah Kun sounded smug.

He thought he had done a great job.

However, he didnt know that Mu Xiaoya had just been humiliated by Valentino and was furious to see this gown.

“Get lost!” She was so pissed that her lips trembled.

“Get away from me! I dont want this gown!”

Ah Kuns face paled.

“Take the gown to the makeup room.” Mu Yanhuai told his assistant.

He then dragged Mu Xiaoya to the side.

“Enough! Itll only be more embarrassing if you cant control your temper.

Isnt it just Valentino Ill buy you one next time!”

Mu Xiaoya then fell into his arms and started sobbing.

The ceremony officially started at two in the afternoon, and it aired on many live streaming platforms.

In order to put on a show, Xu Xiangjie had arranged for a runway, and invited journalists to sit on both sides of the runway, livening it up.

Xu Xiangjie took the lead and talked to the host for a bit.

Soon, the atmosphere was heated.

Amidst the laughter of the journalists, several experienced actors showed up first and received a warm welcome from the journalists.

Backstage, Ye Shengge was still making the final preparations and the makeup artist was still adjusting her hair accessories.

Shang Tianyi was pacing about in the makeup room.

“Shoes, shoes!” He picked up the stilettos and put them on Ye Shengge, mumbling, “If I had known that your gown was Valentinos, I wouldve gotten you a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes! That wouldve been better!”

“Theres no more time.” Ye Shengge rolled her eyes.

“Can I go on stage now”

“Okay, okay!” Shang Tianyi patted her buttocks.

“Go, baby.

Dont disappoint me!”

Ye Shengge nearly stumbled from his pat.

Damn it! This damned gay!


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