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Chapter 131: To Ms.

Ye or Ms.


“I didnt expect Mu Xiaoya to be so lucky!”

“What kind of luck is that She has a good brother who is also the boss of the company.

I heard that Star Brilliance might receive an investment from T.S Corporation.”

“Im so jealous… I reckon that scandal wont be able to affect her for long.”

“Shes getting popular pretty fast, and all the roles shes played have exploded with popularity.

How could that scandal affect her”

“Thats right.

Otherwise, Valentino wouldnt have come to deliver the gowns!”

As all the artists and staff were in discussion, Mu Xiaoya couldnt help feeling smug when she heard what was being said.

However, she put on an unperturbed expression.

The two actresses tried their best to suck up to her, “Sister Xiaoya, youre so beautiful.

Only you deserve the gown from Valentino!”

“Thats right! Its all thanks to you and Boss Mu that were able to see it with our very own eyes.

Ill definitely brag about it in the future!”

“Boss Mu, Sister Xiaoya, our contracts are about to expire.

Do you have a chance to cooperate with Star Brilliance”

Mu Xiaoya was in a great mood, so she smiled and said, “The company will consider that, right, brother”

Mu Yanhuai nodded, but he was doubtful.

He had instructed his assistant to borrow a gown and purchase one if it couldnt be borrowed.

Mu Xiaoya only wore gowns from a couple of brands so he hadnt given any specifics.

Did her assistant really manage to loan one from Valentino

Mu Yanhuai was skeptical, but he set aside his doubts upon seeing how excited Mu Xiaoya was.

At this time, the two fair-skinned men took out the gown.

Gasps of astonishment could be heard all around.

Valentino gowns were famous for being specially handcrafted in Italy.

Each piece was a work of art.

Such gowns were beyond exquisite.

One of the men held the gown, while the other introduced it to Mu Xiaoya with a smile, “This is Valentinos premium series this year.

This is a singular series, and its not for sale.

Its only reserved for true stars.

Only the most elegant and graceful ladies can wear it.

The head accessories are also made by our designer.

I hope you like them.”

Mu Xiaoya blushed as she walked up to them and said, “Thank you, guys.

I really like this gown.

Please bring it to the makeup room.

Thank you.”


Its my honor to be able to serve you, Ms.

Ye.” The man held Mu Xiaoyas hand and gave her a kiss.

“Im Ganova.

Im willing to be your service anytime.”

Mu Xiaoya had been all smiles, but she realized something was wrong at the end.

What Miss Ye

All the artists and staff around them could hear what Ganova had said.

Miss Ye So this gown wasnt for Mu Xiaoya

However, the only actress with the surnameYe in the entire cast was… Ye Shengge

Everyone exchanged puzzled glances.

“Miss Ye” Mu Xiaoya nearly shrieked.

“Are you mistaken Isnt this dress for Ms.


Ganova shook his head and said, “Not Ms.

Mu, its Ms.


Im very certain.”


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