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Star Brilliance Company.

Ye Shengge asked Shang Tianyi to calm the journalists down, while she went to the office area on the second floor.

She immediately took down the CCTV when there was no one in the office.

She then walked into her office and took some important materials back to her apartment.


Ye Shengge put her materials on the desk after getting back to Ming Building.

The materials included the information of all the signed artists of the company, together with some of the movies and television shows that were about to be shot.

The script summary of “Xue Ning” was put on top.

Mu Xiaoya wouldnt stand a chance of getting the lead actress of the show, but Ye Shengge still wanted to get some of the supporting roles for a couple of other actors and actresses in the company.


She took the script summary of “Xue Ning” and started to read it.

She forced a smile as she saw all the notes she had taken.

Those notes were prepared by her for Mu Xiaoya, and when she got in contact with director Xue Xianjie, Director Xu wasnt satisfied with Mu Xiaoyas acting skills.

Ye Shengge changed Xu Xiangjies mind using the notes.

However, she didnt tell Xue Xiangjie that it wasnt Mu Xiaoya who had made the notes.

She was probably the best agent ever.

Ye Shengge stroked the writings, and suddenly, a thought struck her mind.

What if she gets the role herself

Or what if she manages to get rid of the birthmark on her face before they start shooting

She couldnt suppress that thought anymore.

She had been studying the script for two months, especially the lead actress Xue Ning.

Ye Shengge was confident that no one was more suitable for the role than her.

She suddenly slapped the script.

“Damn it!” She yelled.

“Itd be perfect if I had signed the contract this morning.

Are you an idiot, Ye Shengge Why were you suspecting Ji Shitings motive when he asked you to marry him! Who do you think you are What do you have for him to plot against you”


She swore at herself while clenching her hair.

Nothing was worse than losing something that she couldve had.

Although she was very upset, she still needed to try.

Ye Shengge took out her phone to contact Xu Xiangjie.

She thought Xu Xiangjie would reject her because of the scandal, but he said yes to the invitation.

“Wonderful! Are we meeting at the same place tomorrow night” Ye Shengge sounded very excited.

Xu Xiangjie hesitated for a bit and said, “Nah.

Lets move to Taoran House.

That place is quieter and better for talking business.”

“Okay.” Ye Shengge consented.

After the phone call, she immediately started to rehearse based on the script.

She needed to prove to the director that she had great acting skills.

Ye Shengge spent a long time rehearsing before she fell asleep.

On the second day, Ye Shengge received a phone call from her uncle Ye Wenhua.

Ye Wenhua asked her to have dinner with him and his family.


Ye Shengge said yes without hesitation.

Ye Shengges parents had died because of an accident when she was eight, and her uncle Ye Wenhua had been her guardian ever since.

However, Ye Wenhua didnt just become the guardian of her, but also of her parents inheritance.

Ye Wenhuas family had had a very comfortable life because of Ye Shengges parents money, and they didnt plan for Ye Shengge at all.

Three years ago, Ye Shengge had tried hard just to get a small part of the inheritance back right after she became an adult, and then, she established Star Brilliance Company with Mu Yanhuai.

After that, she had been too busy running the company to get back the inheritance.

Now that she and Mu Yanhuai were about to go their separate ways, she may need to purchase Mu Yanhuais shares, which meant she had to get back her parents inheritance.


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