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Chapter 1834 I Do Not Have A Sister, Only A Girlfriend.

Ah Luo was as shocked as Qinger.

Facing his mothers complaints and concern, and his fathers admonishment with a hint of admiration, he could only listen to her.

Fortunately, Qing er came to save him soon.

After learning that ah Luos injury wasnt serious and wouldnt leave behind any residual effects, Jiang Yu and Jing Tong were finally relieved.

However, the two fathers didnt stay for long before leaving the apartment for the school.

They came all the way here, and of course, it was impossible for them to just come to see them.

Their main purpose this time was to put pressure on the school.

When Qinger saw them off at the door, she could not help but say, ” “Dad, uncle Jiang, arent you making a mountain out of a molehill Those two students have already been expelled, Yingluo!”

“Ah Zhens identity is a bit special.

When he submitted his application for admission, it was almost not passed.” Jiang Yu smiled.

the school expelled those two students probably because they wanted to keep the peace, but thats far from enough.

“Its not just for the two of you,” Ji **ing explained.

Qinger immediately understood that there must be a complicated political game in this.

Yingluos father, uncle Jiang, come home early.

Ill cook for you tonight.

She said obediently.

Ji **ing was surprised.

you can cook ” he asked.

“Yup!” Qinger raised her chin.

I know how to cook a few dishes.

Ah Zhen said theyre delicious.

“Im afraid you cant trust ah Zhens words.” Ji **ing raised his eyebrows.

“Daddy!” Qinger was so angry that she puffed her cheeks.

“Im looking forward to it,” Jiang Yu smiled.


Qinger returned to the living room and saw her mother and aunt Jing Tong sitting together.

She had no choice but to walk over and sit beside ah Zhen.

Facing the two mothersgentle, loving, or meaningful gazes, she felt a little pressured, so when ah Luo reached out and tried to hold her hand, she suddenly avoided it.

A-Qing laughed helplessly.

Seeing this, Jing Tong smiled and said, ” “Qinger, ah Zhen said that youve been taking care of him for the past two days.

Youve really worked hard.”

“After all, ah Luo was injured because of me, Yingluo.

This is what I should do.” Qinger put her hands on her knees and smiled demurely.

“Oh, if ah Luo didnt get injured because of you, you wouldnt care about him” Jing Tong asked seriously.

Qinger said seriously, ” of course not.

No matter what the reason is for ah Zhens injury, I will not leave him alone.

After all, Im his sister.

Im obliged to take care of him when hes here.

Ye Shengge burst out laughing, while Jing Tong felt a little regretful.

However, ah Luo frowned unhappily and said impolitely, ” “I dont have a sister, I only have a girlfriend.”

“Hey!” Qinger glared at him with a red face.

Although the parents of the two families knew about their relationship, Qinger was still a little embarrassed to show off her authority as an elder sister for so many years.

A-Qing blinked,”I should change the medicine, Yingluo.”

“Ill go to the room to get the medicine,” Qinger said helplessly as she stood up.

“No need, Ill go to the room with you.” Ah Zheng stood up and bowed.

aunt Shengge, please have some fruit with mom.

Well be leaving for a while.

“Its okay, changing the medicine is more important.

Go quickly.” Ye Shengge smiled and waved her hand.

Jing Tong was all smiles as she peeled an orange.

Qinger was so embarrassed and angry that she could only glare at ah Yao, who returned her an innocent look.

However, it was not over yet.

The two of them had only taken a few steps when they heard the two mothers talking behind them.

Although they had deliberately lowered their voices, Qinger could still hear them clearly.

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