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Chapter 1833 1833

A-Qing immediately raised her head, her eyebrows slightly furrowed.”Ill go with you.”

“Aiya, youre afraid I cant handle such a small matter” Qinger patted his shoulder.

I took a photo of your wound when you went to the doctor yesterday.

Its enough to be evidence, Qianqian.

In fact, Qinger did not intend to disclose it.

Ah Luos background was relatively special, and it was not good to attract attention.

Besides, the two men last night had learned their lesson.

She had wanted to let it go, but who knew that these two would not let it go and disclose the matter.

In this case, Qing er certainly could not admit defeat.

She went to the committee and explained the ins and outs of the matter clearly.

She also provided sufficient evidence.

Naturally, the two big men did not have it easy and were directly expelled.

However, Qinger did not expect that the school would tell her parents about this.

So, at noon the next day, when Qinger heard a knock on the door and opened it, she was so shocked that her jaw almost dropped when she saw four parents standing outside.

“Qinger, hows ah Zhen” Jing Tong was the first to speak.

She looked inside anxiously.

Aiya, this kid didnt say anything to me on the phone, Wanwan.

aunt Jing Tong, please … Qinger finally regained her senses, and her body subconsciously moved to the side to reveal a path.

Jing Tong immediately rushed in with large strides.

Jiang Yu followed closely behind her.

The faint lines between his eyebrows revealed his worry, but he still smiled gently at Qinger.

“Im sorry, your aunt Jing Tong and I came uninvited.

Ill go see ah Luo first.”

“Uncle Jiang, you dont have to apologize.

Ah Zhen was injured because of me.

I should be the one apologizing.” Qinger could not help but ask.

“So, theres a reason for him to fight” Jiang Yus furrowed brows eased slightly.

it seems that this kid has some guts.

In that case, I wont teach him a lesson.

Qinger was speechless.

Jiang Yu had already strode in front of her.

Qinger had no choice but to look at the other couple outside the door.

She smiled and said, ” “Dad, Wanwan, mom, Wanwan.”

Ye Shengge snorted and pinched her face, ” “Youve grown up! You can throw a tantrum, but you still ran around and caused ah Zhen to be injured.

Fortunately, hes fine.

Otherwise, how are we going to explain to your uncle Jiang and the others”

Qinger puffed her cheeks.

“But its good that youre fine.

Your father and I were really scared.” Ye Shengge still hugged her daughter.

dont do this again, okay “

Qinger was so tight that she could not breathe.

She kept nodding and looked at her father for help.

However, Ji **ing didnt look any better.

you were the one who told me that your school had good public security and a good atmosphere.

Thats why I gave up the idea of sending bodyguards to you.

He said in a deep voice, ” it seems that I was wrong.

Ill pick two people for you when I get back.

“Dont!” Qinger quickly hugged her fathers arm and acted coquettishly.

dad, what happened that night was just an accident.

Ill be careful in the future, Yingluo.

Besides, ah Luo is here.

“You still have the nerve to say that!” Ji **ing sounded displeased, but he looked a lot better.

He patted his daughters shoulder and said, ” go and explain to your uncle Jiang and aunt Jingtong what happened, and tell them if Yan is seriously injured.

Qinger nodded obediently, turned around, and ran to the living room.

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