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Chapter 1829 1829

She knew that in that situation, blocking the knife with his bare hands might be his only way, but as long as she saw his bloody right hand, her heart could not help but tighten.

Seeing his indifferent face, she could not help but feel angry.

Seeing the worry and heartache in Qingers eyes, a-Qing smiled and lowered her head obediently.

Fortunately, it wasnt too late.

They quickly hailed a taxi and arrived at the nearest Community Hospital.

Along the way, Qinger grabbed his wrist to stop him from moving.

Her eyes were red as she stared at his wound.

sister Qinger, its really not serious, Yingluo, ” he said carefully.

“Does it hurt” She looked up at him, tears still welling up in her eyes.

“Its alright, this pain is nothing.” He answered obediently.

However, after hearing his words, Qingers tears fell.

“This little pain is nothing Then what kind of pain was considered pain Yingluo, how old are you, Yingluo”

She knew that this kid had suffered a lot in the past few years, but it was not until today that she realized how he had survived the past few years.

If getting injured was not a common occurrence, how could he be so calm

Ah Yao was stunned, he used his left hand to hold her, his thin lips moved close to her ear and whispered, ” “It still hurts a little.

Why dont you kiss me, Yueyue”

Qinger smiled through her tears.

She wanted to hit him, but her heart ached.

In the end, she raised her head and kissed him.

So when ah Luo walked into the hospital, she still had a smile on her face, even though the doctor was shocked by his wound.

Perhaps it was because ah Luo looked too calm, the doctor peeked at him from time to time while disinfecting and bandaging him.

“Doctor, is it serious” Qinger asked worriedly.

Will there be any side effects”

I dont think so.

the doctor reminded him of some things to take note of, and finally couldnt help but ask, ” young man, are you born without pain “

“No.” Ah Luos lips curved up.

I took painkillers on the way here.

Qinger could not help but glare at him.

The doctor was a little puzzled.

He mumbled as he tied a knot in the gauze,”What painkiller is so effective, Yingluo”please visit p(anda-n0ve1.co)m

The two of them returned to the apartment more than an hour later.

Qingers eyebrows twitched when she saw the broken pieces of porcelain in the dining room.

Ah Luo quickly stood in front of her,”Ill clean up the mess now.”

“Your hand is already like this, how are you going to clean it up let me do it!” Qinger was both angry and amused.

“No!” He stopped her with his uninjured left hand and said firmly, ” get a housekeeper to clean up tomorrow.

Dont touch it, or youll cut your hand.

“I wont, Yingluo.”

“No,” Ah Luo was very determined.

you really dont have any talent in tidying up.

Qinger was speechless.

She decided not to argue with him since he was a patient.

Alright, alright.

Go back to your room and rest.

Ill go make you some milk.

“Yingluo, which room do I sleep in”

“Your own room, of course!” Qinger gave him a strange look.

Ah Luo blinked.

the doctor said that the wound is likely to itch during the healing process.

Im not afraid of pain, but Im very afraid of itchiness.

Im afraid I cant help but scratch it.

“So” Qinger raised her eyebrows.

“So, Ill sleep in your room tonight.” your bed is bigger, ” he said naturally.

As he spoke, he bit his lower lip, looking a little pitiful.

How could Qinger resist it she compromised after a few seconds.”Alright, alright, Ill bring your pajamas over to Yingying.”

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