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Chapter 1784: How can you hold back

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Qinger bit her lip, somewhat reproaching herself for being soft-hearted, but she could not be angry anymore.

She even felt a little regretful.

She really shouldnt have kept silent tonight.

Even if she had to say something, it would have been fine.

Actually, she didnt have to reject him.

She was just too surprised, so she just needed some time.

But this brat …


At the thought of this, she gritted her teeth and raised her glass to take a big sip.

Her cheeks were puffed up.

so Chenchen … Susan suddenly laughed, ” do you have Chenchen or not ”

“Yingluo didnt.” Qinger swallowed the wine and said expressionlessly.

“What” Susans face was full of regret.

youre really wasting Gods gift! How can you hold it in Seriously, Yvette, youre not a lesbian, right Dont worry, I wont discriminate against Yingluo.”

“No.” Qinger interrupted her angrily, ” arent you here to comfort me Can you not keep bringing up such a vexing topic”

“Okay, I understand.” Susan made a gesture to seal her mouth, but she still kept talking.

no wonder youve been in a bad mood recently.

Its probably because Arthur exposed his true intentions and you were scared, so you rejected him, but then you regretted it.

“Yingluo, shut up!”



After more than half a month, Qinger finally managed to catch ah Luo in the bar, but it did not end her troubles.

Instead, it brought her even more trouble.

The key was back in her hand, and the ” sky snail girl ” had completely disappeared.

There was no hot food waiting for her when she got home in the evening, so she could only continue to cook pasta or make sandwiches with her poor skills.

It wasnt that she couldnt bear it, but Jiang yaoyou was still avoiding her, which was unbearable.

Yingluo, hehe, didnt he like her a lot Didnt he come to Princeton for her In the end, he only liked her so much that he gave up after a slight setback

In that case, his love for her would not be worth much!

Qinger thought so, but her mood still did not improve.

She knew that this d * mn brats methods had worked.

She was so depressed that she wanted to hit someone every day.

In order to get rid of this emotion, she had to spend all her awake time in the laboratory.

However, when she slept, she still often dreamed of him, about things from her childhood, and about recent things.

When she woke up, she was always in an unusually low mood.

Could it be that this damned brat was forcing her to go back on her word and bow her head

In his dreams!

Qinger swore that if this kid was still hiding from her after this week, she would call aunt Jingtong.

That night, when she walked out of the physics Department building, she was caught by Xu Ziyue.

“Qinger!” Xu Ziyue pounced on her and hugged her affectionately.

“Zhenzhen, let go!” Qinger was almost lifted up by her.

She rolled her eyes and tried to break her wrist.

hehe, hehe, hehe.

Xu Ziyue let go of her and said mysteriously, ” this years freshmen basketball competition has reached the final stage.

Do you want to go and watch ” I happen to have two tickets! Its said that this years freshmen are very fierce.

Not only are the competitions exciting, but there are also many handsome guys, so every place is full.

Someone posted three thousand dollars on the forum for a ticket to the Grand Finals.

It wasnt easy for me to get my hands on it!”

Basketball match for freshmen Qinger suddenly remembered that ah Zhen seemed to be playing in their basketball team.

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