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Chapter 1781: He is a man.

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“So, sister Qinger wants me to disappear from your life completely” ah Luo looked at her deeply.

“Achoo!” Qinger almost broke down.

do we have to do this Its been so long, even if you have other thoughts about me, they should have mostly disappeared by now, right Its fine if you want to keep a distance from me, but no matter what, we can still get along like normal friends.

Theres no need to be afraid.”


“No, it didnt disappear,” The young man chuckled and interrupted her, ” sister Qinger, if you think that I just did it on a whim, then you are wrong.

Qingers anger was interrupted by him.

She glared at him, her breathing rapid, and her heart in a mess.

After a long while, she scratched her head and said in a defeated tone, ” “Ah Luo, what do you want”

The young man looked at her deeply, his dark eyes glistening in the night.

The next second, he suddenly curved his lips.

This slightly evil smile made his exquisite and beautiful features look particularly sharp, wrapped in a strong invasive aura.

Qinger could not help but widen her eyes.

She felt that the young man in front of her was so unfamiliar that it made her hair stand on end.

Come to think of it, this was not the first time she had felt such aggression from him.

It was just that she had subconsciously ignored it in the past and even found all kinds of excuses to make herself believe that he was still the obedient and non-aggressive little boy from before.

But now, she had to admit that perhaps she had been wrong from the beginning.

Ever since they had reunited, she seemed to have been judging and defining him based on her inherent impression of him, but she had never tried to understand the real him.

And the obedience and obedience he showed was nothing more than what she liked and to lower her guard.

Qinger suddenly had a feeling of enlightenment when she realized this.

However, it was too late.

Because ah Luo suddenly stepped forward, reached out to hold her face, and kissed her hard in front of her shocked eyes.

He had probably suppressed it for too long, so as soon as his thin lips pressed down on hers, he held her lips and sucked them hard.

His sucking made Qingers lips numb, and tears almost fell.

Her whole body trembled.

She wanted to reject him, but her hands were weak and she could only push against his shoulder in vain.

Not long after, her jaw suddenly hurt.

The young man used force and forced her to open her mouth.

Then he went straight in and plundered wantonly.

That strange and strong breath kept going deeper and deeper, making every cell in her body start to tremble.

Perhaps her reaction gave him some kind of illusion, the young mans breathing became heavier.

He suddenly held her waist and pressed his hot body against her.

Qinger could not help but feel the changes in his body.

Her eyes suddenly widened, and she finally couldnt take it anymore.

She clenched her hands into fists and hit his shoulders hard.

The young mans body stiffened for a moment, but he finally let go of her with a low gasp.

Qing-ers face turned red, because of shame and anger, and also because of the impact of the young mans body change.

She clearly realized that she was really wrong.

This kid was a wolf in sheeps clothing! He was not the obedient and ignorant brother she thought he was.

He was a man who would covet and plunder, and he would also lure her step by step.

She was clearly his prey!

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