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Chapter 1603: You have to look at the photo on the marriage certificate for a lifetime.

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The person that Duan Zhe admired the most was undoubtedly miss Jing.

It had been a few years since he started working for Jiang Yu in the Army, but he had never seen anyone treat their department head like how miss Jing did.

She would throw a tantrum at him and mock him whenever she was unhappy.

Sometimes, she would even resort to violence.

However, the president never seemed to be angry.

Not only was he not angry, but he also seemed to be enjoying it.


Now that the Minister was the new president, miss Jing did not show any restraint.

It seemed that she did not intend to restrain herself for the rest of her life.

Hearing the angry curses from the back seat, Duan Zhe could only sigh.

This was probably the power of love.

The moment the woman pounced on him, Jiang Yu had already caught her in his arms.

As soon as the womans hand reached out, he easily caught it.

However, the content of Jing Tongs complaint still made him deeply stunned.

“What” He could never have thought that this was the thing that really made her angry.

“Youre really pissing me off!” Jing Tong was really angry.

I packed my luggage just for show.

I just casually stuffed a few clothes in.

Didnt you notice when you were carrying them just now I didnt even bring any makeup.

What should I do for the photoshoot later Ah We might even have to show our wedding photos to the whole country! No, I need to go back and do my makeup first!”

Usually, Jing Tong would at least put on light makeup when she went out, but in the afternoon, when she and Jiang Yu went to the cemetery to pay tribute to her father, she didnt even draw her eyebrows, let alone put on makeup.

Impossible! She would never agree to this!

The photo on the marriage certificate was something that one had to look at for a lifetime!

Jiang Yus eyebrows furrowed deeply.

The sky was getting dark.

If he had not used his special privileges, the Civil Affairs Bureau would have been closed.

If she went back and waited for her makeup to be done before coming back, how long would it take

However, with the womans murderous eyes, Jiang Yu didnt dare to say no.

“Can I buy the cosmetics Now There must be a shopping mall nearby.

Duan Zhe can go and buy it now.

Lets go in and prepare the materials first.

It will take some time to fill out the form.” Jiang Yu said in a kind tone.

Jing Tong snorted and stretched out his hand towards Duan Zhe.”Give me your phone.

I want the memo page.”

Duan Zhe hurriedly did as he was told and handed the phone over.

Jing Tong quickly wrote down the cosmetics brands she often used on it and then handed it back.

“Show this to the shop assistant, theyll pass it to you directly.”

“Yes, yes!” Duan Zhe responded.

Jing Tong was satisfied, and she pushed the man in front of her.

“Get out of the car.

Fortunately, I brought my documents, or else I wouldnt be able to get a marriage certificate!”

Jiang Yus eyebrows twitched.

its our wedding day today.

How could you say such vulgarities ”

“Im happy to!” Jing Tongs eyes widened.

Jiang Yu tactfully shut his mouth.

Most of the time, he felt that Jing Tong was an easy woman to get along with.

Although she had a bad temper, she was straight forward and said what she wanted.

Jiang Yu didnt need to bother guessing what she was thinking.

However, there were always times when he couldnt understand this womans brain circuit even if he was beaten to death.

If he didnt understand, then so be it.

In any case, he just had to do as he was told.

Jiang Yu got out of the car, bent over, and reached out to her.

Jing Tong put his hand on it in satisfaction, his aura like the arrival of an Empress Dowager.

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