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Chapter 1385: You are really boring.Translator: 549690339 

The way of hospitality

Jing Tong glared at him unhappily.

your familys way of treating guests is really different.

Those who dont know would think that youre taking advantage of me.

After she finished speaking, she suddenly became suspicious-Jiang Yu was the exact opposite of the word ” warm “.

He usually ignored his family and friends, so there was no reason for him to suddenly be so warm and hospitable to a guest like her.

Was he really taking advantage of her

Jing Tong hid his hands under the table and looked at him with vigilance.


Jiang Yu didnt expect her to react like this.

There was no shyness or blushing, only wariness and vigilance.

Back then, Xuxu

Thinking of the past, the mans heart inevitably felt a little suffocated.

“Because you were in a daze.” His expression did not change, and his voice was calm.

I called you, but you didnt respond.

Only then did Jing Tong let go of her suspicions.

Besides, this mans personality was simply cold.

The word ” taking advantage ” was really too out of place with him.

Im thinking about my father, ran ran.

Jing Tongs voice was a little low.

is there any way to get his sentence reduced ”

Jiang Yu muttered to himself.

“Forget it,” he said.

In the end, without waiting for him to give an answer, Jing Tong already shook her head with a bitter smile.

father has indeed harmed too many people.

Its already a great fortune that hes still alive.

I shouldnt have asked for more.

Jiang Yu glanced at her and finally said, ” its not like theres no chance at all.

If your father makes a great contribution, he might get a lighter sentence and get out of prison.

Jing Tongs eyes lit up,”really” If I did something great, would my fathers sentence be reduced”

Jiang Yus Adams apple bobbed as he stared at the womans bright eyes.

“No,” she said.

In the end, his principles prevailed.

He shook his head and said, ” these are two different things.

Jing Tongs eyes dimmed again.

“It might not be a bad thing that your father is in prison.” Jiang Yu paused for a moment.

if hes released from prison, he might be in trouble.

Jing Tong naturally knew this logic.

However, Yingluo

“Dad is my only family member left.” She mumbled.

Jiang Yus heart skipped a beat, and he blurted out, ” “You still have me.”

Jing Tong was shocked, and his eyes widened as he looked at him.

Im talking about Yingluo.

Jiang Yus heart skipped a beat as he looked into her big, clear eyes.

His voice deepened.

no matter what happens, I wont leave you.

we have no relationship at all.

Who are you to control me ” Jing Tong shook her head and did not think in the direction of ambiguity.

besides, youre about to become the president.

The responsibilities on your shoulders are too heavy.

In the future, youll even have to start your own family.

How can you take care of me However, he still thanked her.

Im very grateful for your kind intentions.”

Jiang Yu furrowed his brows.

He wanted to explain himself, but he pursed his lips again when he remembered that this woman had rejected his proposal.

“The dishes are here!” Fortunately, Jing Tong had always been carefree.

Even if she was sad and disappointed, it would not last long.

Seeing the servant serve the dishes, her spirit was suddenly lifted.

your familys chefs skills are not bad.

I have a deep impression of him.

“Eat more if you like it.” Jiang Yus brows relaxed.

“Actually, Ive always been curious about whats the fun in your life.

If you dont like to eat, drink, or play, just focus on your work.” Jing Tong picked up her chopsticks, and while looking for her favorite dish, she did not forget to ridicule him.

youre really too boring.

The only good thing about you is that youre handsome.

I was really young and inexperienced back then.

Otherwise, why would I have taken a fancy to you ”

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