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Chapter 1375: Stunning intentTranslator: 549690339 

After a while, Ji **ing finally chuckled.

He walked to ye Shengge, took her hand, and kissed it.

“Lets go, my bride.” The mans voice was low and hoarse.

Ye Shengge was a little displeased.

you didnt even say Im beautiful.

Ive been preparing for this for so long.

Ji **ing raised his eyebrows.

isnt my surprise obvious enough ” he asked.


After a pause, he smiled and added, ” Ill definitely make you feel it tonight.

Ye Shengges face was a little hot, but fortunately, everyone in the dressing room was smart enough to pretend that they didnt hear her.

“Ill be taking her away.

Thank you for your hard work.” Ji **ing said to the stylist, then nodded at Lin Qi.

this is what we should do, ” Lin Qi expressed as a representative.


Jis satisfaction is the highest reward for us.

The two of them walked out.

Jing Tong, as the bridesmaid, also did her job and followed up, helping to lift up the wedding dress.

“Thank you,” he said.

Ye Shengge turned around and smiled at her.

thank you for your hard work today.

“Youre welcome,” As Jing Tong spoke, he couldnt help but ask, ” its ran ran.

I just saw Jiang Yu outside.

I didnt expect him to actually attend.

Ye Shengge smiled and said, ” “I dont know about that.

Anyway, I didnt invite him.

If I had known that he would come, I would have told you.”

Ji **ing raised his eyebrows,does his existence bother you Im sorry, I only sent him an invitation out of courtesy.

I didnt expect him to attend.”

Although he was on good terms with Jiang Yu in private, it wasnt appropriate for them to make such a big scene.

Hence, he really didnt expect Jiang Yu to attend his wedding at this time.

“Yingluo didnt bother me.” Jing Tong was a little embarrassed.

Im just casually asking.

He and I are now strangers.

Ye Shengge burst into laughter as soon as she finished.

Jing Tongs face turned red.

Even she didnt believe it, so it was no wonder that ye Shengge would laugh.

I think Mr.

Jiang really cares about you.

He came to Yangcheng with all kinds of excuses, ” ye Shengge said with a smile.

he avoided you like the plague.

Nowadays, Yingluo can see that men are a little cheap in their bones, Yingluo ”

Ji **ing nodded.

“But you are an exception.” Ye Shengge immediately tried to make up for it and looked at her husband with a bright smile.

youre the best.

Ji **ing laughed and squeezed her hand.

The two peoples interaction was sweet and natural.

Jing Tong saw it, but she couldnt help but be distracted.

Jiang Yu was trying to find all sorts of opportunities to come to Sun City to see her

Not to mention the fact that he might not have come for her, even if he did, it didnt mean anything.

She understood this mans coldness more than anyone else.

There was no such thing as love in his dictionary.


It was 10 am.

The blue sky and white clouds were clear, and there was a gentle breeze.

Both the scenery and the weather were extremely pleasant.

It was perfect for a wedding.

The emcee was a famous emcee in the industry.

He had been invited to be the emcee of todays wedding because he was close to ye Shengge.

Although he was doing it out of his own free will, he obviously didnt mind at all.

Instead, he was very excited and quickly heated up the atmosphere.

Ye Shengge was waiting outside the hall, and the two little guys were holding her wedding dress.

Jing Tong, who was the bridesmaid, also looked a little excited and nervous.

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