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Chapter 1373: Its so hard to be a brideTranslator: 549690339 

In the dressing room, many stylists were surrounding ye Shengge and making the final preparations.

Ye Shengge felt like she had become a prop and had completely lost control of her body.

Even if she felt that her hair was tickling her face and wanted to scratch it, she would be stopped.

She could only sigh.

But there was a voice jabbering on and on in his ear.

my hair bun, my hair bun is a little crooked.

Hurry up and adjust it.


this highlight doesnt suit sister Shengge.

Hurry up and change the brand!

“Hey, hey, whos there you stepped on the wedding dress! The cost of this wedding dress was as high as six million Yuan! Everyone pay attention!”

Lin Qi, ” ye Shengge finally couldnt take it anymore.

arent you tired ”

“Im not tired! Even though I cant be your bridesmaid, I still have to do my part!” Lin Qi said with a smile.

Lin Qi was seven or eight months pregnant, which was the toughest period of her life.

Although she couldnt be a bridesmaid, it didnt prevent her from coming to Cliff Villa early to direct the work of the stylist and makeup artist.

Ye Shengge was speechless when she saw how calm she was in the mirror.

At this moment, the door of the dressing room was pushed open and Li Yinian walked in with Ah Chen and Qinger.

The two little guys were the flower girls today, so they were dressed very formally.

Ah Chen was wearing a suit and a bow tie, while Qinger was wearing a fluffy chiffon dress.

She was extremely cute.

So as soon as the two of them walked in, they received a lot of praise.

“Waa! Where did this little angel come from” Lin Qis tone was especially exaggerated.

The two little guys called out ” aunt Lin ” sweetly, making Lin Qis heart burst with joy.

She couldnt help but help them stand up alone.

“You dont have to move.” As li Yinian spoke, she quickly led the two little fellows to her and let them have a good time with Lin Qi.

It was the first time the two little guys had seen Lin Qis pregnant belly, so they were extremely curious.

“Aunt Lin, when will the little brother be born”

“There are still two and a half months.” Lin Qi held her stomach and said in a melancholic tone, ” unfortunately, little brother is definitely not as cute as you!

She had done a pregnancy test before and already knew that the child was a boy.

“Why” Ah Chen was confused and carefully placed his hand on her stomach.

“Because little brothers parents are not good-looking!” Lin Qi smiled and looked up at li Yinian.

but your uncle Qiao and aunt Lis baby will definitely be very cute! He might even be cuter than you guys!”

Qinger shook her head.

no matter if its aunt Lins baby or aunt Lis baby, theyre both my younger brother and sister.

I like them both.

“You really know how to talk.” Li Yinian could not help but laugh.

anyway, you guys are the cutest today! Come here, your mother is already waiting anxiously.”

Then, she walked to ye Shengge with the two little ones.

Ye Shengge couldnt move, and she finally saw the two little guysclothes.

Unfortunately, she couldnt make any expressions, so she said with a straight face, ” “Very good.

Do you remember your mission today”

“I remember.” Ah Chen patted his chest and said, ” dont worry, mom.

Were all experienced.

Ill take good care of my sister.

“Good girl.”

“Mother, its so hard to be a bride!” Qinger looked sympathetic.

“Yup,” Ye Shengge sighed.

Im regretting having a wedding.

“You cant let teacher Ji hear this,” li Yinian couldnt help but laugh.

maybe hes annoying too, ” ye Shengge said.

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