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Chapter 1371: ! hypocrite!Translator: 549690339 

Since ye Shengge was willing to trust her, she had to fulfill her duty as a bridesmaid.

So, when she noticed the strange atmosphere in the room, she immediately frowned.

After looking around, she saw a figure that completely exceeded her expectations.

Jiang Yu

Why was he here

Jing Tong bit her lip hard.

Ever since the last time he inexplicably went to her place to stay for a night, the two of them had not had much interaction.


It wasnt like they didnt know each other at all.

There were a few times when this man suddenly appeared in front of her and even forced her to eat with him, which annoyed her.

She did not know what this man was thinking, so she simply went on business trips frequently and avoided him as much as possible.

Later, when he was running for the president, his every move was being watched, and he finally restrained himself.

The two of them had not seen each other for at least three or four months.

Who knew that he would appear at ye Shengge and Ji **ings wedding and make the atmosphere so awkward

Did he really like to make his presence known that much

Jing Tong snorted and stared at the mans cold and Noble face, mumbling, ” “Hypocrite! Youre so fake!”

Just at this moment, a smiling “miss Jing” came from beside her, giving Jing Tong quite a scare.

“Uncle Jin” She looked at the elderly Butler in front of her.

whats the matter ”

Minister Jiang specifically asked for this cup of tea.

I know you two are old friends, can I trouble you to send it over ”

“No, Im not familiar with him at all!” Jing Tong said firmly.

Uncle Jin was disappointed.

it seems like Ill have to go by myself, Wanwan.

Sigh, Im getting old.

I dont know if I can withstand the pressure from Minister Jiang.

“Is it that exaggerated” Jing Tongs eyes widened.

“So you two are old acquaintances.” Uncle Jin sighed.

Im afraid normal people cant even speak in front of Minister Jiang.

Jing Tong was speechless.

“Alright, Ill go.” She reached out her hands to uncle Jin without hesitation.

uncle Jin, you can go ahead.

“Thats great! Thank you, miss Jing!” She said.

Uncle Jin heaved a sigh of relief and handed her the tea.

The fragrance of the tea filled the air.

Jing Tong could tell with a single sniff that this was the Monkey King of Peace, Jiang Yus favorite tea.

In order to pursue him, she had put in a lot of effort, so it was natural for her to understand his preferences.

Thinking of this, Jing Tongs expression turned cold.

Jiang Yu also saw her.

Other than the guards around him, there was no one else around him, which was a sharp contrast to the noise around him.

He was not wearing a uniform today, probably to attend the wedding.

Instead, he was wearing a well-ironed suit, and his handsome features exuded a sharp coldness.

Hearing movement, he raised his head, his black eyes fixed on Jing Tongs face, and a light flashed in the depths of his eyes.

Jing Tong turned a blind eye.

When he walked up to Jiang Yu, his expression was even colder than his.

“Its yours, please enjoy.” Her voice was flat as she put down the tea tray and wanted to leave.

However, before she could withdraw her hands, he grabbed her wrists without a sound.

“What are you doing!” Jing Tongs eyes were fierce as he stared at him.

“What are you doing here” Jiang Yu stared at her deeply.

“What does it have to do with you” Jing Tong was not in a good mood.

do you want to be on the headlines Let go!”

Although no one dared to approach, many peoples attention was on Jiang Yu.

However, Jiang Yu didnt let go easily.

“After the wedding is over, come back to the capital with me.” He said indifferently.

Before Jing Tong could refute, he heard Jiang Yu add, ” “You can visit me now.”

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