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Chapter 1366: Little foodieTranslator: 549690339 

After being envied, Qiao yanze returned to the Jade spring Palace with li Yinian, who had recovered, and his beloved daughter.

The couple flipped through the dictionary for a few days and finally came up with a name for the little girl: Qiao Lingke.

However, the two of them still liked to call their children by their pet names in private.

The birth of the child had changed their lives dramatically.

For the past month, li Yinian was still a child when she opened her eyes and closed them.

Qiao yanze took advantage of the fact that the company was on the right track and left early every day.

All the work that required him to go on a business trip was handed over to the other senior executives.

As long as the company was running smoothly, no one would object to this.

It was just hard for Qin Cheng and the other assistants to run back and forth every day.

Although it was hard work, there was still a lot of happiness and joy.

Moreover, the little girl was easy to take care of.

She never slept until dawn and never disturbed her parents at night.

With the help of the nanny, the two finally made it through smoothly.

That afternoon, li Yinian waited for the child to finish his meal before taking an afternoon nap in the room with him in her arms.

When he woke up, the sun was about to set, but the little girl beside him was gone.

She got up and looked around, only to see Qiao yanze in the study.


He was holding his daughter in one hand and holding the mouse in the other.

He was browsing something.

The little girl obediently sat in his arms and curiously fiddled with a small wooden horse.

She opened her big round eyes and studied it for a long time, but she couldnt understand it.

She grabbed the small wooden horse and put it into her mouth.

Qiao yanzes eyes were still fixed on the screen, but his big hand nimbly blocked her attempt, saying, ” “Ruoruan, you cant eat this.”

The little girl simply threw away the wooden horse, grabbed her fathers big hand, and bit it, making his hand covered in saliva.

“You little glutton.” Qiao yanze quickly threw the mouse away and took out a tissue to wipe his daughters drool.

your teeth havent even grown out yet.

You want to try everything you see.

Li Yinian couldnt help but laugh as she walked towards the father and daughter.

Qiao yanze looked up at her with an innocent expression.

“I clearly fed her milk.”

Li Yinian picked the child up from his arms and smiled.

“Maybe this is how she understands this world.” Whats the child doing here Wheres aunt Liu”

“Aunt Liu is taking care of her at night, so she should still be sleeping.

When I came back, softie was already awake.

She was lying beside you and nibbling on her fingers.

I was afraid that she would wake you up, so I carried her here.” Qiao yanze helped to wrap the child in a package.

Ive changed the diapers too.

Satisfied, li Yinian leaned over and kissed his chin.

“Not bad.”

During this period of time, the man would help to take care of the child whenever he was free.

He was extremely skilled in feeding and changing diapers.

Qiao yanze raised his eyebrows and leaned over to kiss the corner of her lips, his voice hoarse.

“Are there any rewards”

Li Yinians eyes flickered, but before she could answer, the little girl saw her fathers face coming closer and slapped him with her little hand, giggling.

Li Yinian burst into laughter.

what softie means is that this is what you should do and you still want a reward ”

Qiao yanze was expressionless as he reached out to poke the little girls face.

The little girl grinned at him, revealing her pink and tender gums.

Qiao yanze gritted his teeth as he stared at li Yinians chest.

The child had been born for two months, but he was still a vegetarian.

At first, it was because of li Yinians physical inconvenience, but later on, it was completely because she was too tired from taking care of the child.

Every time he wanted to do something, this woman would fall asleep in a second, so he had to give up.

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