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That night, at Club 1921.

Qiao Yanze met Gu Yimo here.

Ji Shiting was very busy now.

He had given his wife and children his rare leave.

Of course, he could not come out to fool around, so Qiao Yanze could only call Gu Yimo.

Gu Yimo was very angry with Club 1921.

After his persuasion last time, the girl named Lisa finally gave up on selling herself to repay the money.

Gu Yimo was relieved at first but he soon realized that he had completely lost track of the girl after less than a day.

Lisa was obviously an alias, and all the information that the girl had filled in when she came to the clubhouse was fake.

It seemed that she knew how to protect herself, but this made Gu Yimo suffer.

Even with his ability, he could not find her.

It was fine if he couldnt find her.

Gu Yimo had been single for so many years, so how could he be obsessed with a girl he had only met by chance However, this was only the usual case.

When he reached Club 1921, this matter would appear in his mind, and it would successfully make his mood plummet.

He had clearly left that girl his contact number, but she hadnt contacted him once.

Didnt she like him at first

Hence, he started drinking after greeting them.

After drinking two glasses, Gu Yimo suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Wasnt Qiao Yanze too quiet today

He put down his cup in shock and looked up at the man opposite him.

Qiao Yanze had been wearing formal clothes almost every day recently, and this was no exception.

He looked especially stylish in a well-tailored high-end suit, which complemented his expressionless coldness.

Gu Yimo couldnt help complaining.

Could it be that he would always look so cold after wearing a suit

“Whats wrong” he asked.

“Did my cousin upset you again”

Qiao Yanzes pupils suddenly contracted violently.

He put down the cup in his hand and looked extremely gloomy.

Gu Yimo was shocked and did not dare to speak.


“Have you found out about Yinians experience before she was adopted” Qiao Yanze suddenly asked hoarsely.

“Thats not important, right You cant expect her to be the daughter of a rich man or a politician.

That way, your parents can accept her, right” Gu Yimo couldnt help complaining.

Qiao Yanze suddenly laughed softly, his voice tinged with an indescribable meaning.

His handsome face also revealed an extremely indifferent and self-deprecating coldness, as if he was mocking a ridiculous fate.

“Are you alright” Gu Yimo was shocked again.

Qiao Yanze didnt say anything.

He raised his hand to his forehead and closed his eyes slightly.

His breathing was heavy and slow.

The truth was too heavy.

It was so heavy that even someone like him found it unbearable.

Most importantly, he could not let anyone know, nor could he let anyone discover anything.

Even if it was his assistant who had been with him for several years, he had to go around in circles before he could give orders.

As for Gu Yimo, it was not that he did not trust him, but if another person knew about this, the risk of being exposed would increase exponentially.

His rationality told him that he should stop here and let this matter remain a secret forever.

He and Yinian would be strangers from now on, and they would never have any interaction again.

No matter what, he had to become the heir and completely control the Qiao family and Fengqiao Corporation.

That way, even if the secret was no longer a secret one day, no one could attack him.

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