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Qiao Yanze had come to Europe on a business trip to participate in a financial summit.

Hence, he flew back to Brussels that night and attended the meeting as usual the next morning.

He even gave a short but exciting speech.

It was already evening when he returned to the hotel.

It had been 24 hours since he met Li Yinian.

Hotels in Europe were generally not luxurious.

Five-star hotels there looked similar to chain hotels in China, but they were clean and homely.

Qiao Yanzes room was facing the hotels swimming pool.

He stood by the window and lit a cigarette but forgot to smoke it.

His handsome face was cold and indifferent.

His dark eyes were fixed on the swimming pool downstairs.

For a moment, he wanted to jump into the cold pool from here.

This impulse was interrupted by a knock on the door.

He closed his eyes and said hoarsely.

It was his assistant, Qin Cheng.

He had the room card, but he still knocked before entering.

“Fourth Young Master.” Qin Chengs footsteps approached.

“The hotel basically serves only Western food, so I asked them to prepare pasta.

What do you think”

Qiao Yanze was very picky.

He had no interest in cold Western food and didnt even like steak.

He could only stomach some noodles.

Every time he went to Europe or America on business, preparing his superiors meals became Qin Chengs greatest headache.

After all, although his boss seemed easy to get along with, but he was actually very difficult to please.

In the past six months, as the bosss work content changed, his temper became more and more unpredictable.

However, Qin Cheng felt that the pressure of work was not the main reason.

Miss Lis absence was the main reason.

It was especially so after he met Miss Li yesterday afternoon.

Although the boss looked normal, Qin Cheng could sense that something was wrong.

He even felt that something major had happened to the boss, so he was more cautious than before.

As expected, Qiao Yanze did not react for a long time.

Just as Qin Cheng was feeling uneasy, the mans low and hoarse voice suddenly sounded.

“What time is your flight tomorrow”

“Well leave tonight,” Qiao Yanze instructed.

“Book the tickets immediately.

The sooner the better.”

“So urgent Youve never been able to sleep on the plane…” Qin Cheng was shocked.

Qiao Yanze stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and turned around.

His gaze landed on the pasta on the dining table and he said, “Its worse if you dont eat well.”

Qin Cheng immediately understood.

“Okay, Ill book the tickets now.”

The next day, Qiao Yanze returned to Yang City.

He quickly got back to work and was as busy as before.

In Qin Chengs opinion, his boss had returned to normal.

It was obvious that he was just imagining things.

However, after settling business in the office, Qiao Yanze suddenly asked a question casually.

“Qin Cheng, you used to be my fathers subordinate.”

Qin Chengs heart skipped a beat.

Why was his boss suddenly asking this Was he doubting his loyalty

“I did work under Chairman Qiao for two years when I just graduated, but I wasnt his confidant,” Qin Cheng explained.

Qiao Yanze looked up at him.

There was still no change in his expression, but his dark eyes contained a hint of coldness.

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