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“I dont want to go back and get scolded!” Gu Yimo was furious.

He wasnt willing to work in a decent unit after graduation, so he just fooled around there.

His parents had a lot of opinions about him, and every time he came home, his ears would hurt.

What was even more terrifying was that recently, they had started talking about his marriage again and were keen on matchmaking him.

He hadnt been home for two months.

“I dont want to hear the reason.

I just want the results.” Qiao Yanzes tone was cold.

“Tsk! Im not short of funds this year.

Dont even think about threatening me.” Gu Yimo snorted.

“Im only willing to help you investigate because were friends.

Dont be ungrateful!”

“Ji Shiting is expanding his business overseas this year.

He might not have the spare money to burn for you.” Qiao Yanze said meaningfully.

“You better leave yourself a way out.”

Gu Yimo choked and said gloomily, “Alright, Ill ask around for you!”

He swore that he was only being cooperative because of Li Yinian.

He had learned what his cousin had been through during the investigation these days, so he couldnt help feeling sympathetic.

However, he was clearly a scientist.

Why were all of them treating him like a private detective

After ending the call, Qiao Yanze took one last look at the closed door not far away before driving away.

Tonight was the Qiao familys banquet, and all the children had to attend.

When he arrived, it was still early, and Madam Qiao was the only one in the old residence.

Madam Qiaos surname was Chen.

Perhaps it was because she had been pampered, but even though she was already in her fifties, she still looked very young.

To Qiao Yanze, Madam Qiaos image in his heart had always been positive and even high.

She was smart and open-minded, and she knew that she could not control her husband, so she simply ignored her husbands flowers and plants.

Her only request was that she did not allow Qiao Fengnian to have an illegitimate son, which protected the interests of her children to the greatest extent.

She cared about her children, but she would not interfere too much with their lives.

No matter how one looked at it, Madam Qiao was a qualified rich lady.

Hence, Qiao Yanze could not figure out why she would do that.


Even if she didnt like Li Yinian, she had countless ways to stop them from being together, but in the end, she chose the most intense and cruel one.

Qiao Yanze didnt mention the child to his mother.

After he got confirmation from Ye Shengge, he immediately called Gu Yimo and asked him to investigate.

Coincidentally, Gu Yimo happened to know about an obstetrician who specialized in such things.

He quickly found the other party and confirmed that he was the doctor who operated on Li Yinian back then.

Although the other party kept his mouth shut, Qiao Yanze still found a way to get the truth from him.

The truth was even crueler than he had imagined.

It was so cruel that he had never even mentioned it in front of Li Yinian.

It was so cruel that every time he thought about it, he felt a dull pain in his heart.

Hence, when Qiao Yanze saw his mother welcoming him happily, there was no warmth in his eyes.

He only smiled and called out as usual when Madam Qiao was in front of him.


“Why are you home so early today Youve been very busy recently, havent you Youve lost weight again.” Madam Qiao held his arm and said intimately, “Come here.

I asked Auntie Li to make soup.

Have a bowl first.”

Qiao Yanze paused and smiled.


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