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Li Yinian was shocked and angry at first, but in the end, she could only calm down.

The man opposite her was listening to Li Changdong patiently.

His handsome facial features were chiseled under the light.

His skin color was considered fair among men, indicating his good background.

It also made him look more exquisite than ordinary men.

He didnt know what Li Changdong said, but he suddenly smiled.

This was a very official and appropriate smile.

It was polite but distant.

To Li Yinian, this smile was so unfamiliar.

However, she also knew that only by wearing such a mask could he obtain the trust of the board of directors and clients.

Seeing him like this, probably no one would believe that this man had once been lazy and ridiculous.

She smiled silently and lowered her eyes.

“Yinian, pick up some food for Yanze,” Li Changdong couldnt help saying.

Qiao Yanze picked up a piece of fish and placed it in Li Yinians bowl.

“Why arent you eating Youve lost weight after staying overseas for almost half a year.

Are you not used to eating outside”

Li Changdong sighed.

“Look how well Yanze treats you.”


Li was also relieved.

Li Yinian had no choice but to pick up the piece of fish and put it into her mouth.

Qiao Yanze smiled in satisfaction.

“By the way, Uncle Li, I hope you can keep my relationship with Yinian a secret for the time being.” He changed the topic.

“My mother might have a misunderstanding about Yinian, so I still need some time.

But dont worry, I wont let Yinian suffer.

Ill do my best to help you with your business.”

“Sure, sure!” Li Changdong agreed.

After all, Li Yinian had mentioned before that Madam Qiao didnt seem to like her, so he didnt suspect anything.

Besides, he needed time to think of a way to treat Li Yinians illness.

He could not lose his good son-in-law.

Amid such an atmosphere, when Qiao Yanze suggested bringing Li Yinian back to his residence after dinner so that he could send her back to Vienna the next day, Li Changdong only hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

After all, Qiao Yanze had already agreed to help in business, so he did not need to force Li Yinian to stay.

Besides, this girl seemed to be unwilling.

It was good to let them nurture their relationship alone.

Li Yinian left the Li family with her parents expectant and relieved gazes.

After getting into the car, Li Yinian finally couldnt help but speak.

“You definitely wont be able to hide it from your family after staying in the Li family for a few hours today.

Besides, its not that easy to get rid of Li Changdong.

Now that he has decided that youre his good son-in-law, hell definitely be smug.” Her voice was very low and calm.

“Have you considered the consequences before you take action”

Qiao Yanze only smiled and did not say anything.

He started the car and left the villa.

Li Yinian clenched her fists.

It seemed that everything had gone out of her control since yesterday.

She had been interrupted by this man before she could achieve her goal of going home today, and there would only be more trouble in the future.

For a moment, she almost wanted to tell this man everything—why did he not know anything

When the car passed by a green stretch, Qiao Yanze suddenly stopped the car.

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