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Perhaps it was because she had been disappointed too many times, but it was already difficult for her to have hope in human nature.

She sealed her feelings and completely blocked the harm from the outside world, making herself gradually numb.

Most of the time, this was good, but she would… feel lonely, a loneliness that seeped into the bones.

It was as if her life was an isolated island with endless seawater everywhere.

That kind of loneliness was sometimes enough to drive people crazy.

Li Yinian closed her eyes, but a handsome and smiling face appeared in her mind.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she suddenly opened her eyes, trying to throw that face out of her mind.

—She seemed to have become weak again in that instant.

She laughed self-deprecatingly and took out her phone to call Shang Tianyi to inform him that she was safe.

“…Shengge said that you might have been brought back by your family.

Is that really the case” Shang Tianyi heaved a sigh of relief when he received her call.

“Thats right, so you dont have to worry.

Ill be fine.” She thought for a bit.

“Ill probably stay here for two or three days.

Ill contact you then… By the way, you didnt inform Qiao Yanze, right”

“No, Shengge also said that she would keep it a secret for you.

Dont worry,” Shang Tianyi said.

Li Yinian smiled and said, “Thank you.”

However, it was fine even if Qiao Yanze knew that she was in the Li family.

After all, she was being watched very closely now.

If she accidentally let others know that she was very important to him, her situation would be dangerous.

Therefore, she believed that Qiao Yanze would not come to the Li family to look for her.

In the afternoon, the doctor Li Changdong came to the house and gave Li Yinian a thorough examination.

In the end, it was no different from what Li Yinian had said.

The doctor did not say anything about the difficulty of pregnancy afterwards.

However, this result was enough to disappoint Li Changdong.

If Li Yinian really couldnt have children, she would lose more than half of her value to him.

If she couldnt have children, her status would most likely be unstable even if she married into a rich family.

What was the point

He had not chosen Li Yinian from a large group of children for such an outcome.

The more Li Changdong thought about it, the more indignant he felt.

In the end, he said fiercely, “Then let the Xiao family compensate more! How is the alimony Xiao Ruilang gave you enough Does he think hes a beggar”

Li Yinian smiled and said, “Then go find him and see if hell admit it.”

Li Changdong bit his cheek and panted heavily.

He knew what kind of person Xiao Ruilang was.

He was just saying it.

He did not have the guts to find trouble with Xiao Ruilang.

“Its just that theres a gap in the Li Corporations capital chain again.” Li Yinian suddenly smiled.

“Actually, you can sell your existing assets.

Its getting harder and harder to do business now.

The more you do, the more you lose.

Why dont you transform For example, internet finance… Ive known many people in the entertainment industry over the years, so I can help you.”

Li Changdongs eyes lit up.


“Really.” Li Yinian looked indifferent.

“Im also tired of you finding trouble with me whenever you encounter financial problems, so I might as well solve your problem once and for all.

Now that you have money, you naturally wont think of selling me for a good price.”

“What are you talking about Im your father,” Li Changdong scolded.

Just as he was about to ask, a servant walked in.

“Sir, Fourth Young Master Qiao is here to visit.”

As soon as the servant finished speaking, Li Yinians expression changed, but Li Changdong was overjoyed.

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