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“Yinian!” Mrs.

Lis expression changed.

“You dont have to say anything.

I already know that you adopted me.” Li Yinian looked indifferent.

“And obviously, the problem is with Li Changdong.

If it were you, you would have been kicked out long ago.”


Li panicked and her lips trembled.

“Yinian, how can you think that…”

“Li Changdong has never treated me as his daughter.

To him, Im just a tool.

Didnt he choose the me because I was the prettiest child in the orphanage and he wnted sell me for a good price” Li Yinians tone was indifferent.

“Since you guys treat me like this, you should know that Ill guess it sooner or later.”

“I…” Mrs.

Lis eyes turned red.

“I still dote on you…”

“Probably.” Li Yinian sounded tired.

“Perhaps you really dote on me, but whats the use Youre used to relying on him in this life, so you wont be able to help me.

Instead, youll be a burden to me.

If I wasnt worried about you, I wouldnt have been tricked by him.”


Lis face turned pale.

She had been obedient her entire life, and this was the first time she had been criticized like this by her own daughter.

Was she wrong to listen to her husband She had always tried to be a competent mother.

She instinctively wanted to retort, but looking at Li Yinians pale face and tired eyes, she felt like something was stuck in her throat and she couldnt say anything.

Li Yinian was also silent.

She lowered her head and picked up another strawberry, putting it into her mouth and chewing slowly.

“Yinian,” Mrs.

Li said with a trembling voice.

“It was my fault that I didnt stop your father from marrying you to Xiao Cheng.

But this time, I have to personally check on you.

Ill definitely choose an outstanding husband for you.

Dont be angry, okay”

“After all that, you still think that youre a responsible parent as long as you give me to an outstanding man,” Li Yinian said.

“Isnt that so” Mrs.

Li seemed unconvinced.

“If you could marry Qiao Yanze, you wouldnt have to worry for the rest of your life.

After all, he likes you so much… Unfortunately, you cant have children, so you have to find a way to hold his heart tightly.”

She knew that there were some concepts and views that this woman could not change, but she was not in the mood to argue with her.

She knew that there were some concepts that this woman could not change, and she was not in the mood to argue with her.

Li Yinian almost laughed out loud.

“Dont be his lobbyist.

I wont cooperate with him to lie,” Li Yinian said.

“Youd better tell him not to have any ideas about Qiao Yanze, lest he loses more than he gains.”

She only returned to the Li family this time because she wanted to solve this problem permanently and did not want to have anything to do with Qiao Yanze.

However, as long as Li Changdong still had a brain, he would not act rashly.


Li moved her lips and wanted to say something but stopped.

In the end, she sighed and left.

The room fell silent again.

Li Yinian looked at the yellowed plants in the garden and suddenly looked dazed.

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