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Ye Shengge had joined the production team again during this period of time, but the shooting schedule was relatively relaxed this time.

She could come back once or twice a week, so she returned to Qianfan Villa after work yesterday afternoon.

It was rare for Ji Shiting to be free for a night.

The couple played with the children for two hours and coaxed them to sleep before returning to their room.

A certain someone was still in high spirits and tormented her for most of the night.

Hence, she looked hopeless after being woken up by the alarm.

Ji Shiting walked out of the small cloakroom in the master bedroom after washing up.

He saw the woman sitting on the bed with the blanket wrapped around her, her head still nodding.

He laughed and walked over to hold her.

“Ill call the production team and ask for half a day off.

Go back to sleep, okay”

Ye Shengge knocked her head against his chest and said, “No, I have a very important scene to shoot this morning… Its all your fault!”‘

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

“Why do I remember that you seduced me last night”

“You dont remember where you touched”

“I was careless!” Ye Shengge punched his chest angrily.

Ji Shiting chuckled and kissed her red lips for a while.

“Are you awake now” he asked hoarsely.

Ye Shengge puffed her cheeks and said, “Move aside.

Ill get out of bed and put on my clothes.”

“Ill help you.” The mans eyes were burning.

Both of them were usually very busy, so once there was a chance to be alone, Ji Shiting would never let go of any opportunity.

Although Ye Shengge knew that he had an ulterior motive, she did not have much strength, so she raised her chin and agreed.

Ji Shiting smiled and pinched her face.

The couple cuddled for a while more before someone suddenly knocked on the door.

“Young Master, Young Madam, are you up” It was Sister Xius voice.

Ji Shiting let go of the woman in his arms and calmed himself down.

“Whats the matter”

“Young Master, Fourth Young Master Qiao is here.

Hes in the living room.”

Ji Shiting raised his eyebrows in surprise and said, “Okay, tell him to wait.”

Seeing the mans questioning gaze, Ye Shengge kindly explained, “Yinian returned to Yang City yesterday.

She and Shang Tianyi are talking about renewing her contract.”

Ji Shiting smiled in understanding.

At this moment, Qiao Yanze was talking to the two kids in the living room.

The two kids slept early and woke up early every day.

At this moment, they were hugging Qiao Yanze and chattering.

After all, they hadnt seen Qiao Yanze for a while.

Qiao Yanze looked at the two childrens fair and lively faces and could not help but think of the fetus who was not fated to be his child.

His heart ached uncontrollably and he couldnt help touching Jinqings head.

“Uncle Qiao, whats wrong” The girl noticed that he seemed to be distracted.

Qiao Yanze came back to reality.

“Uncle Qiao is fine.” His voice was hoarse.

“Why arent your parents coming down yet”

“Dad wakes up late every time Mom is home.” Jinchen wrinkled his nose.

Qiao Yanze knew the reason very well and couldnt help sneering.

Fortunately, the couple finally appeared at the staircase.

The two of them held hands as they walked down the stairs.

The scene was an eyesore.

Jinchen and Jinqing heard the commotion and turned around to kiss their parents.

However, Ji Shiting quickly handed them to Sister Xiu and instructed her to bring them to the dining room for breakfast.

Qiao Yanze couldnt wait any longer.

He stood up and walked to the two of them.

His gaze landed on Ye Shengge.

“I have something to ask you.”

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