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Li Yinian should have confirmed it without hesitation, making him believe that she didnt care at all.

However, looking at the lazy smile in the mans eyes, she suddenly felt something blocking her throat and couldnt say anything.

She only looked away shyly when the mans smile deepened.

“Whats the point of asking that”

“Of course.” His tone was slow.

“If you care, then I have a reason to be more determined.

After all, Im a normal man.

If I abstain from sex for too long, I might not be able to hold it in one day.”

Li Yinian bit her lip and said calmly, “Thats your business.”

Qiao Yanze snorted, as if he was completely immune to such words.

“Did any man pester you in Vienna” His voice suddenly deepened.

“Yes,” Li Yinian said indifferently.

“But Im not pestering you.

Im just expressing my goodwill.”

Qiao Yanzes gaze darkened and he mocked, “As expected of Miss Li.

Youve never disappointed me.”

“Im not obligated to be loyal to you,” she said calmly.

“Of course, given that Im still popular, I wont rashly start a relationship.”

What he meant was that he did not have to worry about her being with another man in the short term.

Qiao Yanzes eyes seemed to flicker.

“Why do I feel like youre saying that to reassure me” He inserted his hand into her hair.

“You want me to focus on my work and deal with my brothers and sisters.”

“Yes.” She nodded.

“I hope you win.

Then youll be too busy to think about me.”

“Pfft…” The man didnt think much of it.


Ji Shiting has been the CEO for so many years, but he hasnt delayed getting married.”‘

“Youre different from Mr.


“You mean Im inferior to him” His voice suddenly became dangerous.

“…I mean, if you become the CEO of Fengqiao Corporation, your siblings will keep an eye on you and you will be even less free.


Ji doesnt have such worries,” Li Yinian explained calmly.

The man snorted.

“But hes been in a lot of trouble.”

“But Im different from Shengge.” Li Yinian pointed out the key point.

“If anything happens to you, Ill be sad for you for three seconds at most.

I wont wait for you to come back like Shengge.”

Qiao Yanze was expressionless but he nodded helplessly.

“Thats true.

You really dont have a conscience.”

Li Yinian chuckled.

“Thats right.”

After saying that, she suddenly turned around and broke free from the mans shackles, successfully standing on the ground.

“Im going to bed.” She smiled.

“Good night.”

Qiao Yanze didnt stop her this time, but his gaze became even more obscure.

He didnt sleep for almost the entire night.

Although Li Yinian hadnt returned to sleep in a long time, her fragrance still lingered.

He recalled many things, and the details that he had neglected gradually became clearer, so much that he almost drowned in regret.

When the sky turned bright, he finally closed his eyes.

He felt that he had only slept for a few minutes, but when he opened his eyes, Li Yinian was no longer in the villa.

Even his luggage had disappeared.

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips.

Before he could feel disappointed, he quickly left the Jade Spring Palace and drove to Qianfan Villa.

It was early in the morning, and Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge had just woken up.

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