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“Qiao Yanze, why are you doing this” Her voice was slightly hoarse.

“I wont be touched because of this.”

“Dont misunderstand.

Im not protecting my body for you.” The mans tone was light and mocking.

“Its just that after sleeping with you, I cant sleep with anyone else.

I can always see all kinds of problems in them, and I lose all my mood.”

Li Yinians expression was indescribable.

“Really Do you think I havent tried” The man snorted.

“Theres an artist in the company with the surname Xu.

Shes quite good-looking.

I brought her back to the hotel the day you left Yang City.”

Li Yinian widened her eyes and asked as calmly as possible, “And then”

He raised an eyebrow and suddenly smiled.

“Guess how far well go”

Li Yinian was expressionless and refused to answer the question.

“When we were drinking.” The man didnt keep her in suspense.

“I didnt like the way she carried the wine glass, so I told her to get lost.”

Li Yinians lips moved, but she couldnt say anything.

“…Thats just your excuse.

Its still because you havent given up,” she replied calmly.

“Probably.” His tone was low and hoarse.

“Even though I know you dont care if I sleep with another woman, I still dont want to take this step subconsciously.”

Li Yinian was suddenly speechless.

She had once thought that her life was probably cursed.

She seemed to have a lot, but in fact, those were all fake no matter how beautiful and passionate she was.

Her parents didnt care because they loved her.

It was because they wanted to sell her for a good price.

She had a beauty that made many people jealous, but she could not obtain true feelings.

She could only attract covetous and possessive gazes.

She had looked forward to many people, but they had disappointed her.

Only Qiao Yanze was different.

She was curious about the coldness in his eyes, so she took the initiative to approach him.

She thought that even if all men fell in love with her, this man would not.

Therefore, she never expected to see the focus and obsession in his eyes that made her soul tremble.

No, it was not just obsession, but a more real and accessible feeling.

She knew that this feeling had nothing to do with her identity or even her beauty.

Beauty might be the key to attracting him, but it was not fundamental.

At least, pure beauty could not carry this feeling that was too cautious for her.

And this relationship was so beautiful that it was enough to resist all the nothingness in life.

She still remembered how she felt when she found out that she was pregnant.

She didnt tell Qiao Yanze that even the childs appearance was within her expectations.

The so-called accident wasnt really an accident at all.

She thought that with this child, even if her parents were not very satisfied with Qiao Yanze, they could only accept reality.

Even if they refused to accept Qiao Yanze, they could not marry her off.

However, all her expectations were completely crushed soon.

He was so desperate that he felt ridiculous.

She decisively cut off all possibilities with this man and struggled to get to where she was today.

Every time she thought that her life was going to end like this, this man would always give her some hope, even though she knew that this hope was meaningless.

Just as she was distracted, she suddenly heard the man chuckle.

“…Do you really not care at all”

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