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“Reason The reason is that I dont love you!” Li Yinian raised her chin slightly.

“So, even if Im lucky enough to be cured, the father of my child cant be you!”

Qiao Yanzes pupils constricted as if he was furious.

However, he suppressed his anger and said, “Of course, thats your freedom.”

Li Yinians eyes widened and she placed her hands on the dressing table, breathing heavily from shock.

She almost suspected that the man in front of her had completely changed.

Qiao Yanze suddenly laughed.

“Youre surprised.

It seems that Ive always been a domineering and unreasonable person in your eyes.”

“Isnt that so” Li Yinian mocked.

“If you were willing to respect my wishes, you wouldnt have waited until today!”

Qiao Yanze swallowed and said hoarsely, “You can take it that Im trying to make it up to you.”

“I told you, theres no need.

I wanted to abort the child myself.

It has nothing to do with you!” Li Yinian paused and said, “If I change my mind one day, Ill go for treatment.

You dont have to worry.”

Qiao Yanze couldnt help but caress her face.

Li Yinian tried to push him away, but he grabbed her wrist with his other hand.

At the same time, the mans body approached her, trapping her between him and the dressing table.

The more Li Yinian struggled, the tighter he pressed against her.

The friction between their bodies inevitably caused the man to react.

Li Yinians body stiffened, and she finally didnt dare to move anymore.

“Didnt you say you would leave after solving your doubts” she said through gritted teeth.

“Okay.” Qiao Yanze nodded slowly, breathing heavily.

“Im sorry to have made you suffer so much alone.”

He did not have the time to feel sorry for the child who was not fated to be with him.

After all, it was already gone before he knew of its existence.

No matter how strong his sense of loss was, it was limited.

But this woman was different.

Since she knew of its existence, she had been looking forward to it but she was eventually forced to lose it.

She had even left behind damage that might never heal.

Qiao Yanze could not imagine how she had survived and how she had faced him.

Was she hiding it too deeply, or was he too stupid It had been at least four years, but he had never thought of investigating the reason why she rejected him—since he was sure that she cared about him.

Hearing his apology, Li Yinians eyelashes trembled and her eyes turned warm.

However, she quickly suppressed her emotions and sneered.

“Qiao Yanze, its a pity that you dont want to be an actress! I told you that this has nothing to do with you.

Why cant you listen”

“I wont listen even if you say you dont love me for a few years.

Do you think Ill listen if you say that you want to abort the child a few times” Qiao Yanzes tone was almost shameless.

Li Yinian was rendered speechless.

“You can return to Vienna after tonight.

I wont stop you, so theres really no need for you to hide it from me.” The man approached her slightly, his thin lips close to her face.

“Of course, I know you wont change.

Coincidentally, so am I.”

Li Yinian felt even more helpless.

She finally understood what the problem was.

This man firmly believed in his own understanding, so anything he said was based on this understanding.

No matter how she explained, it was useless.

She denied her feelings for him, even ignored him and suppressed him with her words.

He also insisted on his opinion, so he would not take her words to heart.

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