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“Your hair is still wet.

Be careful not to catch a cold.” Qiao Yanze didnt seem to notice her surprise and vigilance.

His gaze landed on her wet hair again and he frowned slightly.

“Wheres the hairdryer Ill dry it for you.”

“I wont go back on my word.” The mans eyes flickered.

“But there are a few things I need to figure out now.

When Ive completely resolved my doubts, I wont disturb you.”

Li Yinians eyelashes fluttered.

“What is it”

Qiao Yanze was still obsessed with her wet hair.

“Wheres the hairdryer”

Li Yinian had no choice but to point at the closet.

A minute later, Li Yinian was pressed against the chair on the dressing table by the man.

The hot wind from the hairdryer blew on her face, making her dazed.

She had not expected this at all.

In front of her, Qiao Yanze had always been a young master.

He did whatever he wanted and never hid his emotions.

In other words, he was always honest with her.

But now, for the first time, she felt that she couldnt see through this man.

She thought that the relationship between the two of them had always been under her control.

She had to start and end it.

This sense of control had supported her until now, but now, the mans calm and dark eyes made her feel more out of control than ever.

Qiao Yanze saw the womans confused and vigilant face in the mirror.

He frowned and turned off the hairdryer.

He combed his hands through her hair and leaned over to kiss her head.

Li Yinian dodged, but she didnt.

An angry blush appeared on her face, as if she was trying to suppress something.

Qiao Yanze finally said, “That medical record was from more than four years ago.

Youve always kept it.”

Li Yinian didnt know what he wanted to do, so she avoided answering.

Qiao Yanze didnt seem to care if she responded or not.

He combed her long hair and said in a low voice, “You still want a child that belongs to you, right In that case, why dont you go to the hospital for treatment”

Li Yinians lips quivered.

“You were afraid that I would find out.” Qiao Yanze looked at her in the mirror and said in a hoarse voice, “Thats why you were extremely against it when I suggested taking you to the doctor.

I was worried that you would think that I wanted the child, so I didnt force you.”

Li Yinian bit her lips and closed her eyes.

However, this did not stop the mans low and hoarse voice.

“Since I already know the truth, you dont have to have any scruples.

I can find the best doctor for you.”

“Qiao Yanze!” She suddenly opened her eyes.

The man smiled and said calmly, “Even though that childs existence was an accident, its still my responsibility.

If I hadnt been careless, you didnt have to suffer all of this… You have to give me a chance to make up for it.”

“Theres no need!” Li Yinian slapped his hand away and stood up to face him.

“Since you promised not to bother me, can you disappear from my sight now”

“Are you angry” Qiao Yanze looked at her without blinking.

“I want you to see a doctor not because I mind, but because you mind.

No matter why you insist on pushing me away, Ill fulfill your wish, so you dont have to reject this on purpose.”

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