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At that moment, Li Yinian almost didnt dare to look at him.

The uncontrollable panic made her mind blank.

She knew better than anyone how stubborn this man was.

He had always refused to let go because he was certain that she liked him.

In a sense, this man was very narcissistic.

That was why she had spent so much effort to make him give up.

However, because of her negligence, he was now certain that this certainty was enough to make all her previous efforts go to waste.

Perhaps it was because she was in a daze for too long, but the pain in Qiao Yanzes eyes deepened.

“That child…” He hugged her tighter and lowered his head to touch her forehead.

His voice trembled slightly.

“How many months old was it then”

Li Yinian rolled her dark eyes, as if her emotions were affected by his words.

“Less than two months…” She answered subconsciously.

“If I had given birth to it back then, that child would have been more than a year older than Jinchen and Jinqing.”

“So, you still looked forward to it.” His voice was low and firm.

Li Yinian held her breath and said hoarsely, “I did keep thinking about it, but that was because I paid a huge price for it.

Otherwise, I might not have taken it to heart.”

Qiao Yanze laughed softly, as if he was laughing at her last struggle and arrogance.

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However, there was a hint of heartache and regret behind that chuckle.

Li Yinian suddenly couldnt say anything.

She bit her lip hard, and the panic in her heart intensified.

Qiao Yanze leaned over and kissed her red lips.

Li Yinian avoided him as if she had been electrocuted.

She pressed her hands against him harder, her breathing rapid and panicked.

“Qiao Yanze!”

The mans Adams apple bobbed as he sized her up for a long time.

It was not until the womans pale face was flushed with anxiety and panic that he slowly retreated.

“Your hair is still wet,” he said hoarsely as he inserted his long fingers into her wet hair.

Li Yinian blocked his hand and said fiercely, “Qiao Yanze, I dont care what youve misunderstood.

You should know very well that I dont love you.

There wont be any possibility between us!”

However, to her surprise, Qiao Yanze only grunted.

In the past, she could anger him as long as she said something similar.

However, today, not only was the man not angry, he was even more certain.

The regret in his eyes seemed to deepen.

Li Yinian felt helpless.

She couldnt predict the mans next move at all.

Besides, even if she knew, she was almost helpless.

In the end, she could only beg in vain, “Go back to your place and stop bothering me, okay”

Qiao Yanze smiled and nodded slowly.


Li Yinians eyes widened.

She had thought that their relationship would return to how it was before, but she did not expect this man to agree so readily.

“…Are you serious” she asked in disbelief.

“Really.” The mans voice was hoarse, but it gave people the illusion of gentleness.

“Arent you still going to study in Vienna Go back tomorrow.”

Li Yinian was speechless for a long time.

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His attitude made Li Yinian feel even more uncertain.

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