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Qiao Yanze had already vaguely guessed that this case was related to her infertility, so he couldnt help holding his breath, as if to prepare himself.

However, when the messy handwriting entered his eyes, he realized that he was still far from prepared.

The doctors words were illegible, but he could easily recognize the words “abortion”.

Qiao Yanzes hands began to tremble and his breathing became heavy.

He pursed his lips and turned to look at Li Yinian, his eyes revealing a terrifying obscureness.

At this point, Li Yinian calmed down.

She smiled faintly.

“You saw it.”

Qiao Yanze didnt say anything.

He closed his eyes and forced himself to calm down.

Then, he opened his eyes again to look at the medical record and read the patients time and diagnosis carefully.

It was four years ago.

They had already broken up then.

Li Yinian was already engaged to Xiao Cheng, so she must have been before that.

Qiao Yanze slowly placed the medical record on the bed and turned to look at her.

His voice was hoarse and calm.

“That child is mine.”

Li Yinians eyelashes fluttered.

“No, its Old Xiao…”

“Pfft…” Qiao Yanze interrupted her with a cold smile.

“If it was Xiao Cheng, why would he allow you to abort the child Besides, that old thing, Xiao Cheng, had become sexually impotent a few years ago.

Im afraid he hasnt even touched you, yet he still made you pregnant Li Yinian, do you think Im a fool”

Li Yinians expression did not change much.

She knew that he would not believe her.

“Alright, the child is yours.” She smirked, but her expression didnt seem to change.

Qiao Yanze looked like he had been punched hard, and his face was pale.

He clenched the case book tightly, and the veins on the back of his hand bulged.

No amount of words could describe his current mood.

He had once looked forward to their child, and his heart ached for the fact that she could not give birth.

However, he had never expected that they had already had a child.

A long time ago, long enough for his anger and unwillingness to lose their support.

The man exhaled slowly.

He placed the case book on the bed and walked slowly to her.

He forced her into the corner and asked hoarsely, “What happened”

Li Yinian said calmly, “As you can see, I found out that I was pregnant, so I went to the hospital to abort the child.

Unfortunately, I lost my fertility because of that.”

Qiao Yanzes eyes turned red.

“More than that,” he said hoarsely, pressing his body closer.

“Who forced you Your parents or… my mother”

He knew his mothers ill intentions towards her.

Recalling how she had set him up just to separate him and Li Yinian, he had reason to suspect that this womans departure without saying goodbye was very likely related to his mother.

“Neither.” Li Yinian smiled.

“You dont have to imagine who persecuted me.

This is my own decision.

Back then, I didnt want to have children with any man, including you.

I was worried that you would stop me, so I didnt tell you but went to the hospital alone.

I just didnt expect the consequences to be so serious.”

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