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After Li Yinian closed the door, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She placed the black trash bag on the ground and quickly found the case book that she had torn into two.

She put it together.

The patients name on the cover was her, and the date was four years ago.

Although the doctors handwriting was flamboyant, she could still vaguely make out the line of words—Human first-class scratching of the uterus had damaged the sub-one endometrium basement layer, affecting the fertilization of the egg and causing infertility…

Even though she had seen this sentence countless times, her heart still constricted when she saw it again.

For the past few years, she had been keeping this medical record.

Every time she wavered, she would take it out to take a look.

She had been with Qiao Yanze at his house for the past three years, so she was not afraid that Qiao Yanze would find out about this medical record.

When she moved away six months ago, her assistant had helped her pack her things, and this medical record was left in her bedside table.

She had decided to return to the Jade Spring Palace tonight because of this medical record, but she did not expect to bump into Qiao Yanze.

She had lost her composure just now.

She hoped that Qiao Yanze wouldnt notice anything.

But no matter what, she couldnt just throw this medical record into the trash can, even if she tore it in half.

Shed better take it with her.

She walked to the bedroom and stuffed the medical history book into her suitcase.

On the other side, Qiao Yanze had also returned home.

His face was cold as he frowned and pulled off his collar sleeve.

He was the only one in the huge villa.

It was a little too empty, but thanks to the housekeeper, the windows were still clear although he had not been back for a few months.

He walked into the bathroom without stopping.

As the hot water washed down, he could not help but recall the womans nervous and panicked face.

The strange feeling in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

He finally couldnt help but reach out to turn off the shower and put on his clothes.

Before leaving, he picked up his phone and called Shang Tianyi to ask him for the password to the villa where Li Yinian lived.

Shang Tianyi was very vigilant.

“Uh… President Qiao, why are you asking this”

“Yinian is back.

You should know, right” Qiao Yanze sneered and strode towards the villa not far away.

“President Qiao, isnt your relationship with Yinian over…”

“Cut the crap!” Qiao Yanzes tone was irritable.

“Tell me properly.

I wont do anything to her.

If you dont say it, I cant guarantee what Ill do!”

Shang Tianyi was furious, but he knew that Qiao Yanze would not hurt Yinian no matter what.

Moreover, this man sounded very anxious… If she did not let him have his way, he might even chase her to Vienna.

Hence, he could only say the password unwillingly.

Back then, he had changed the password after Yinian moved away.

Otherwise, Qiao Yanze would not have called to ask.

Qiao Yanze entered the password with a sullen face.

The door opened with a click.

He pushed open the door and walked in, only to find the black trash bag beside the door.

Most importantly, the opening of the trash bag was open, which meant that Li Yinian had taken something out of it.

Qiao Yanzes pupils constricted.

He strode to the second floor and soon arrived outside Li Yinians room.

Her bedroom was ajar, and there was a faint movement inside.

Qiao Yanze pushed open the door and walked in without hesitation.

The woman was drying her hair with her back facing him.

She looked like she had just come out of the bathroom.

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